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Relocating Your Business to Gold Coast

By AK, 27 March 2020


If you live in Australia, the Gold Coast is one of the best options to relocate your business. Gold Coast offers the lowest urban payroll tax in Australia, and the percentage is about 4.75%. The tropical climate of the Gold Coast was the key that made the city a popular choice for filmmakers. Film production in the Gold Coast made a significant contribution to the rise of their economy. Through the years, the local government of the Gold Coast found their way to be the sixth-largest city in Australia.

Aside from film production, tourism is also one of the city's largest industries. It's a major tourist destination in Australia. Around 10 million tourists visit the city every year, which makes it a good target when you're starting or relocating a business. Transferring is not easy, but many Gold Coast movers specialize in commercial relocation to help you.

When you start to feel that you need a change in your business perspective, your business location should always be the first factor that you need to put in consideration. When you started establishing your business, your goal is still to find opportunities for profit and growth.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider relocating your business to Gold Coast:

1Be closer to your market

Aside from film production and tourism, Gold Coast's economy is also driven by other industries like construction, retail, marine, information technology, food and sports. Gold coast offers a wide variety of industries where your business can grow and be close to your market.

At the same time, you might also consider relocating your business to further its expansion and growth. If you find your company doing better in another city, it makes more sense to move your headquarters there.

Be closer to your market

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2Lower costs of doing business

Business is all about maximizing revenues and minimizing costs, and a lot of costs can go into running a business. Hence, relocating can be one way to lower your costs of doing business. For example, you might relocate your office to an area where rental expenses would be a fraction of what you are currently paying.

Some cities also charge lower rates for starting up a business – such as securing the necessary permits to operate – and do not have very high tax rates. Such factors can prove crucial for a company to decide where it wants to base its business operations.

Lower costs of doing business

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3Seek out a better talent pool


If your business is particularly specialised and requires highly skilled individuals, you would always want to have the best people with the right skills around you. Top universities in Australia surround Gold Coast; these universities are producing highly skilled and competitive workforce.

Hence, you should move to wherever you know such people can be found. For example, if you require a certain level of education or a certain degree, it's advisable to set up in a place with plenty of young people, such as a university town.

At the same time, it's also advisable to move to areas where there is already a thriving business scene. Once your company is at the growing stage, you can move to such areas. Doing so will not only place you near an ambitious workforce but also improve your company image, as you show that you have the success and ambition to make a name for your business.

Seek out a better talent pool

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4Business incentives

If you're starting with your business, it's advisable to seek out areas that offer specific incentives for business owners. For example, some may provide tax breaks and even favourable interest rates on loans to attract companies. If you believe such a city fits with what your business offers, there is no reason not to call up your local Gold Coast movers and ask for help in relocating.

Business incentives

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