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How To Have The Greatest Relationships Between Parents And Teenagers

By Saif Abdellaoui, 2 May 2018


7Be a good example

You are an important source of influence for your teenager through your words, your attitudes, your behaviours and your way of seeing life. In particular, exemplarity is an effective way to establish the legitimacy of your advice and rules of discipline.

It is, therefore, appropriate to behave according to what you teach your teenager. Of course, he does not imitate you anymore like when he was three, but he looks at you and he evaluates how you act. Over time, he may even adopt (perhaps unconsciously) many of your values, attitudes and behaviours. 

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8Adapt to the teenager’s spontaneity

The teenager lives mostly impulsively. But unlike the majority of adults, he has not yet learned to control or moderate his spontaneity. And this contributes to a misunderstanding between teenagers and adults. For example, if a youth feels the need to talk to his parents, he will try to do so immediately. And he will find it normal that his parents are available on the spot.

If you are the parent of teenagers, understand that they live primarily in the present. So if possible, be available when they express the need. This will help improve your relationship with them. 

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9Conflict: Choosing your battles


Before you get into a conflict with your teenager, make sure you have a good reason to do so. If the subject of the dispute is not worth it, forget it. For example, if you do not like the color or the length of your teen's hair, just do not talk about it. Instead, keep your credibility and energy on important topics, such as absences at school, coming home late at night, etc. 

Conflict: Choosing your battles

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