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15 Photos Of Rare Things That Happen Once In A Lifetime Will Leave You Mesmerized

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 1 June 2018


There’s absolutely no denying fact that photos are mightier than words and can express a thousand emotions at the same time which is a pretty difficult task. At one fell swoop, they capture some of the best, happiest and most wonderful moments and make them immortal as whenever we see the pictures, all our memories get refreshed and we still feel to be at the same place, no matter how many years there have been since we clicked those pictures!

With a smartphone at our disposal, we all have the capability to become photographers and this has resulted in huge increase in the number of pictures clicked every day. And while capturing our usual moments, we tend to click some photos which are quite different, rare and unique in their own sense.

Today we are going to show you some photographs of rare things or phenomena that happen once in a lifetime!

1 Snow donuts

We all are familiar with snowballs but snow donuts are something rare. For the formation of snow donuts, perfect temperature conditions are required and either snow falls or it is blown by wind. More snow gets added to the structure and slowly it takes the shape of a snowball but in this instance, the middle part gets collapsed and it gets the donut shape. These snow donuts can be maximum 26 inches (66 cm) high.

Snow donuts

Image Source: ecoindustry.ru

2 Long and snowy road ahead

How many times have we seen such a beautiful scene in which all the surroundings are snow-laden and a biker is ready to march ahead on the snowy road? For some it may be just a long and snowy road with trees on each side but for few, it may have a philosophical value and we leave it on the individuals to figure out. By the way, this road separates Norway and Sweden.

Long and snowy road ahead

Image Source: i.pinimg.com

3 A unique square-shaped spider web


The spider’s web is considered ominous in many parts of the world and people don’t like to see them in their houses or offices. But if we look at them from an artistic angle, webs are really beautiful but this one stands apart from all the others. This unusual square-shaped spider web was discovered in Queensland, Australia.

A unique square-shaped spider web

Image Source: mediad.publicbroadcasting.net

4 Photo of a space shuttle

Sometimes we get to see photos which are beyond our imagination and thought process. This one is definitely not an easy one to crack; however without wasting any time, let us tell you that this photo is of a space shuttle leaving the Earth and it was clicked from the International Space Station. Isn’t it a unique site?

Photo of a space shuttle

Image Source: k60.kn3.net

5 Beautiful cloud formation

The cloud formation gives an impression as if they are weaved into a white blanket which is covering frosty surroundings. Undoubtedly, the moments like this make winters positive and lively for everyone. Winters can be troublesome at times and traveling in winters can be more problematic but on a road with sky like this, the count of travelers is definitely going to increase.

Beautiful cloud formation

Image Source: pbs.twimg.com

6 Wonderful formation by stones at a beach


Creating something artistic with sand or stones is definitely a time taking affair and it requires a lot of patience on the part of the maker. If you are out for a stroll at a beach and you get to see something awe-inspiring like this stone art, stop and admire the beauty because you are not going to see such things every day.

Wonderful formation by stones at a beach

Image Source: img-fotki.yandex.ru

7 Backstage of a theatre

There are many theatres in the world which are known for their architecture, decoration and capacity. In fact, some of them have such a great reputation that performing in those theatres is a dream for many artists. However, we have to admit that even the backstage of a theatre can also be very beautiful; have a look:

Backstage of a theatre

Image Source: katakpisang.com

8 Mercury and the Sun

We have always been curious to discover more and more about our solar system, find out new planets and make sure whether they can support human life or not. Whatever may be the conditions at these planets, one thing is for sure that they look beautiful from far away. Here is a photo of planet Mercury which rotates around the Sun; the black dot on the left is Mercury and the glowing body is Sun.

Mercury and the Sun

Image Source: pbs.twimg.com

9 Staying for a longer time in water


Water is necessary for human beings to survive and it can affect our body in many ways. For example, have you ever experienced the effect of water on your body parts if they remain soaked in water for long time?

Here is the photo of hand of a person who seems to have fallen asleep in a water tank and a design has been drawn on the fingers. This pattern looks like that of a human brain and hence it can be termed as finger brains.

Staying for a longer time in water

Image Source: gipotezy.com

10 Water in the shape of an elephant’s face

Elephants are mighty animals but they do not harm someone until they sense some problem for themselves. They love to live in the natural surroundings and play with water just like this elephant that is taking bath in a lake. If you take a look at the photo carefully, you can see that water has taken the shape of an elephant face.

Water in the shape of an elephant’s face

Image Source: pixmafia.com

11 Behind the cinema screen

We all have watched movies in cinema halls and in fact some of us may be regular visitors who watch movies in theatres every weekend. But do you have any idea what is behind that movie screen? Well, here is the photo which shows how space behind a movie screen looks like and this is something you definitely won’t get to see often, isn’t it?

Behind the cinema screen

Image Source: www.cordobatimes.com

12 Solar Eclipse from plane


Solar eclipse takes place when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth and blocks the Sun, either partially or fully. It is advisable not to watch this phenomenon with naked eyes but what about watching it from inside a plane? Here is the photo which shows how solar eclipse looks from an airplane:

Solar Eclipse from plane

Image Source: i2.wp.com

13 Waterspouts

They are nothing but tornadoes which are formed over water and there is nothing for you to worry until you are in a boat. The speed of waterspouts can reach up to 305 km/hr and they can be pretty harmful. In fact, it is being said that many ship tragedies have taken place because of waterspouts.


Image Source: 30a.com

14 Starting point of rainbow

Rainbows are formed after rains and it is really mesmerizing when the seven colors spread their beauty in form of an arc. We may have not seen the starting or ending point of a rainbow but this photographer has not only found it but also captured the stunning sight in camera.

Starting point of rainbow

Image Source: files.adme.ru

15 Multicolored chameleon


Chameleons belong to the lizard family and have the capability of changing colors if they sense problem for themselves. You must have seen one for sure but have you availed a sight of such a multi-colored chameleon which can make anyone go awestruck with its exquisiteness? Can’t stop admiring its beauty!

Multicolored chameleon

Image Source: i.pinimg.com