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She is the real queen of Game of Thrones and we aren’t talking about Khaleesi!

By Akanksha Holani, 11 October 2017


4Olenna Tyrell

Where the skinny, pint-sized Stark floors one and all with her physical skills, the golden-agers do not lack far behind in our list. The Queen of Thorns soon turned out to be the Queen of Hearts with her witty yet sarcastic mouth. Olenna Tyrell could be indifferent yet protective, shower praises or take you back by her sudden snap. She owns the conversation she engages herself in. Even when she was poisoned, she had an impious grin as she disclosed murdering the most hated King Joffrey though she could’ve let the truth die with her. 

Olenna Tyrell

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The writer, GRRM has set so many characters which personify girl-power in bold. Melisandre, the timeless beauty with her flawless body is shown giving birth to a demon ready for a kill and talking a father into burning his own daughter alive to feed the Gods of Light.

Melisandre game of thrones  character

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Yara Greyjoy, bold and tough enough to lead the men of the Iron islands into any war!

Yara Greyjoy Game of Thrones

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Ellaria Sand, the Indian beauty who kisses the Queen’s daughter a goodbye that turns out to be her final farewell. 

Ellaria Sand Game of Thrones

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However, the one that stands out from the rest is our pocket-sized Goliath, Lyanna Mormont.

5Lyanna Mormont

Where all the others are driven by vengeance or ambitions, there is this tiny but most strong-willed lady who focuses on ruling the Bear Islands and doesn’t let any flattery come in the way of it. One single scene screening Lady Lyanna Mormont in Season Six was enough to floor the viewers. She is so fierce, unbending, composed, demanding and yet the adorable 10-year-old, ruling sixty-two men with such unshaken sense of responsibility. 

Lyanna Mormont

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When Jon and Sansa meet her for allegiance, the young ruler was unconvinced that the decision would benefit her, despite all the blandishments. It is impossible not to be impressed by this little girl for her authoritative response to Lord Glover in the latest episode when Jon requests even the teenage girls to learn and practice fighting skills. Very firmly, she made it clear that the Lord must not presume her actions based on her age or gender or doubt the Northerner emotion running through her veins. Her breath-taking dialogue of knitting by the fireplace is worth a grand applaud.

Lyanna Mormont GOT character

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She preaches her solid intentions to fight shoulder to shoulder with the men. To put her words to immediate action, she orders training every soul alive on the Bear Islands. Glover’s opposition is abruptly muted when she spine-chillingly declares that she didn’t need his permission to fight and act any way that helped to defend the North.

Lyanna Mormont riding horse

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With the least available screen time, our sassy little Lyanna has created a rock-solid impact and has effortlessly become the most favorite feminist icon of today. She tops the charts as we declare Lyanna Mormont, the most thug character of GoT. 

Jorah Lyanna Mormont Game of thrones

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