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She is the real queen of Game of Thrones and we aren’t talking about Khaleesi!

By Akanksha Holani, 11 October 2017


2Cersei Lannister

Cersei didn’t flinch a second before letting the wildfire swallow hundreds of her own people including the Queen, her own son’s wife. She doesn’t believe in winning people’s love and earning the title but can go to any length to snatch it. She burnt down the Great Sept of Baelor to become the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. The horrendous act cost the life of her own son but she’s so blinded by hatred and the thirst for the crown that it only added to her vengeance. She abides by her ideology that the lesser people you love, the better. Her manipulative skills on people would out-power all the physical strength a man could gather.

No one from the Cersei Hate Club can ever forget her iconic walk of shame. The mother of the King of Seven Kingdoms walked nude, humiliated by the complete town. We did think that would shake her confidence but it only fuelled her fury to strike back harder. 

Cersei Lannister

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3Arya Stark

If position and power offered so much control, imagine what one could do if they had no identity, no face, no name, yes, a nobody. Separated by her folks in the first season itself, Arya’s journey so far has been nothing less than a roller coaster ride. She was taken advantage of many times and suffered to the threshold, but she mastered the dance of swordplay like no one else would. The little Stark took shelter with the mysterious Faceless men and emerged as a proficiently trained assassin.

Over the six seasons that it took her to reunite with the rest of the Starks, she managed to tick off few names out of the eleven of her infamous “Kill list of Revenge”. Arya exposed Petyr Baelish, the biggest puppeteer by playing his own politics against him and thereby raising the standard of the season 7 finale by killing him with an effortless swipe of “the needle”. It is spine-chilling yet thrilling to watch a child that age kill the way she does. Remember the “Red Wedding Revenge”? Now that’s lethal. Serving Walder Frey with a pie made of the meat of his sons, and later using his face to cold-bloodedly slaughter his entire family. 

Arya Stark Game of Thrones

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