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22 Powerful Examples of Social Advertising that Create Awareness and Fight For A Better Future

By Andrew Alpin, 28 March 2018


While social media is criticized for its rampant use by teenagers indulging in a pseudo virtual society, social media, on the other hand, can be a powerful tool to create awareness about social issues and the plight of the environment.  Social media advertising especially that seek to highlight social issues, aims at awareness in our minds and hearts to force a rethink on our actions, cease to remain indifferent and be more vocal if not act upon our beliefs and convictions to do the right thing. Here are the finest examples of social media advertising that gets a message across.

1Christian ad campaign to abolish torture


It says ““Victims are people just like you and me.” Hopefully, this will touch people to realize why torture has no room in our modern society and the more people share such ads, the faster it generates awareness to get the message across.

Christian ad campaign to abolish torture

Image Source: www.keblog.it

2Wildlife extinction


This is one issue that people are doing much. While there are many organizations fighting tooth and nail to protect our wildlife, populations across the world outnumber such actions in millions. It is we who need t practice that little bit of effort that contributes in a way to saving our wildlife through conservation.

Wildlife extinction

Image Source: www.bestadsontv.com

3“When the woods go, wildlife goes.”


Here’s another one that proves how commercialization and consumerism is eating up the planets resources and reducing the habitats of wildlife making smaller species extinct one by one.

“When the woods go, wildlife goes.”

Image Source: pinimg.com

4“Save paper, save the planet.”


This headline is a powerful one that shows our rampant and careless use of paper. Each time we crumple up paper, use ten tissues to wipe our hands instead of one, and other likeminded acts, we never stop to think where it actually comes from.

“Save paper, save the planet.”

Image Source: adgager.com

5“Plastic bags kill.”


This is one huge problem worldwide where developing and third world countries are yet to display a sense of empathy towards marine life being strangled by plastic.

“Plastic bags kill.”

Image Source: twitter.com


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