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Man Takes Pictures of Lake Michigan to Prove the Earth is Not Flat

By Christopher Paul, 19 June 2018


6What’s Wrong With The Image?


What’s Wrong With The Image?

Image Source: i1.wp.com

Upon looking closer he noticed he could see the beach at Silver Creek Park on the right of the image and to the left, he could see the south side of Tow Rivers. It’s called Two Rivers because it sounds nicer than “Three trees and a couple of rocks”. So what’s wrong with the image you must be thinking? I look like any normal image of the horizon.

Upon Further Inspection

Image Source: i.imgur.com

7Upon Further Inspection


Looking hard at the image he noticed the horizon was flat. Yes, of course, the horizon is flat, you’ll say. Even after zooming in, there wasn’t even a slight curve in the horizon. Thinking back to what he was taught in school he kept looking. The earth is round, so why isn’t there even a slight bend or curve on the horizon.

Zooming In?

Image Source: media.keepo.me

8Zooming In?


Even after zooming in closer the horizon was flat and no hint of a curve was visible. You could put a ruler and draw and you’d draw right over the horizon. Now, instead of running and joining the Flat Earth Society he waited and did a little research on the topic.

So, What Next?

Image Source: www.chaostrophic.com

9So, What Next?


So, after seeing this did Greg give up? Nope! Making use of the advanced technology we have today, like Google Earth, Greg was able to pinpoint where he was standing and where the two points in his image were. This gave him a better idea of the place as he could see an aerial view of it.

What Did He Find?

Image Source: static.boredpanda.com

10What Did He Find?


He noticed that the distance shown between Silver Creek and Two River’s south side was 8.4 miles 13 and a half kilometre. All this was thanks to the tech we have available at home and a bit of curiosity to know more. But this wasn’t enough, Greg wanted to know more. So, he turned to maths.

How Does Maths Help?

Image Source: www.chaostrophic.com


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