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7 Common Phobia Causing Items Some People Have To Carry To Avoid Anxiety

By Andrew Alpin, 21 May 2018


Have you ever been in a situation where you venture out of your home and find you aren’t carrying a handkerchief? Does it bother you? You are traveling on a bus or public transport and don’t have small change, does that make you mentally uncomfortable making you curse yourself saying something like “oh crap I don’t have change now what do I do” Even as you see others handing large currency to bus conductors or taxis etc, it never really bothers them, yet it makes you anxious. You hate going out with chapstick and if you forget it, what happens then??

Phobias and OCD go hand in hand

It isn’t that you are a loony but you may just be phobia centric and surprisingly there are hundreds or even thousands just like you with the fear of common things in life. You aren’t alone. It may also mean that you are way more intelligent than others to preempt such situations which make you over-anxious as studies have found out. With that said, let’s explore how anxious these situations mentioned below make you. Here are 7 common things every phobia centric person must carry to avoid those bouts of anxiety. 

Phobias and OCD

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1Toilet paper


Do you worry about being in a public toilet and there’s no toilet paper? Imagine even if you didn’t and you have to go but after starting your business, you find there is no toilet roll. What do you do?? Did you know that the fear of running out of toilet paper is listed as a phobia called endrollphobia? 

Toilet paper

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You may have had a traumatic experience in the toilet

Most cases of endrollphobia start from traumatic experiences or experience of having being stranded in a bathroom without toilet paper and since it is an unpredictable occurrence, this is what makes it even worse and a cause for anxiety at the last, moment when you have to clean your butt. Such people are comforted in carrying a toilet roll on them at all times. 

Traumatic experience in the toilet

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2A Handkercherchief


Can you picture yourself unable to go out anywhere without a handkerchief?? If so, then welcome to the club. Believe it or not, there are many like me who just cannot do without a handkerchief. Perhaps the compulsion to carry a handkerchief may stem from the fear of a cold and not having something to sneeze into. Or!! Do you find that you just cannot bear a situation where you do not have a handkerchief to wipe your face in case it gets sweaty in summer? It’s an annoying feeling and there are many who just can’t contemplate wiping their nose or face on their sleeve or using someone else’s handkerchief. 

Girl using handkercherchief

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Carrying a hanky can be obsessive

This must-carry- a hanky-habit bothers on the brink of OCD no doubt, but then, you just can’t help it. The only way out is to always make sure you carry a handkerchief and that will never make you feel anxious. 

Carrying a hanky can be obsessive

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