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15 Times People Were Very Confused With What They Saw and Internet Came To Their Rescue

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 30 June 2018


6Are these oil containers?


Somebody found these in an old junk drawer while cleaning the estate? Do you know what are they?

They are containers of oil which were used for lubricating small machines such as sewing machine. You need to press the container from the oval spot and a drop of oil will come out of the container.

Looks cool, doesn’t it?

Image Source: diply.com

7Looks cool, doesn’t it?


Someone found this in his car; what is it?

A reddit user answered that it is a caterpillar but it is covered with eggs of the parasites and the owner of the car needs to get his car washed immediately. The caterpillar will lose its life because of these parasites and this annoyed many reddit users.

What the bug?

Image Source: providr.com

8What the bug?


There are many types of bugs in this world, but we are sure that you must not have seen such a fluffy one. Someone found a bit of fluff in the garden and turned to reddit to ask about it.

As usual the redditors didn’t disappoint and told that it is Woolly Alder Aphid.

Flower -shaped cutlery

Image Source: diply.com

9Flower -shaped cutlery


Can you tell for what purpose this is flower-shaped cutlery used?

Well the Victorians have their own rules for food and serving purposes and hands should not touch the food while serving. So this piece of cutlery is used for serving a slice of tomato. Isn’t it absolutely unique and beautiful?

What is this under the bridge?

Image Source: redd.it

10What is this under the bridge?


If you see something like this under a bridge, it means that someone is doing magnet fishing or magnetic fishing. It can be called as an attempt to search for ferromagnetic objects which can be pulled with the use of neodymium magnet in the outdoor waters. This is a hobby prevalent among the celebrities.

Can you find a snake in the grass?

Image Source: www.metdaan.com


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