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15 Photos Of People Who Have Forgotten That They Are Adults

By Meera Kaushal, 18 April 2018


Age is just a number and no number is big enough in this department if our heart and mind don’t feel like that number. There are so many adults around us who do not go by the norms of the so-called society to act like adults. Instead, they feel young at heart and consequently, they do things that make them feel like kids. And when the adults actually deal with so much stress every day for so many things, don’t you feel it is a good thing that those childish acts can make you feel good, every once in a while.

So, going by that thought in our mind, we found some pictures of really awesome adults who have almost forgotten their age to feel young at heart. Just take a look at them below and try to feel inspired, and if not that at least you’ll get a good laugh:

1Riding on an animal is fun at any age

He thought he was home alone, but his child came after listening to his loud laughs. That is when the child got to know that his father is indeed young at heart.

Riding on an animal

Image Source: brightside.me

2Fantasy Freaks

We all get the urge to be like our Fantasy heroes and with these props here, these two guys got their dream realized, even if it was for a few moments.

Fantasy Freaks

Image Source: CatFly.com

3Harry Potter is Really Real!


This one had me cracking up the most. Frankly, the new adults of this era are the ones who grew up watching Harry Potter and for us kids back then, it was all really the real world!

Harry Potter is Really Real

Image Source: brightside.me


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