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Parents lost their child to cancer, but what they decided to do is amazing

By Jatin Sharma, 6 March 2017


Cancer is one of the prime reasons for human deaths in the world currently and when it takes away a young life, the loss is far greater than any other life. There are many instances where kids are the ones taken away from their families due to one disease or another. This story is about a girl, who was taken away due a form of cancer, which formed tumors everywhere in her body.

The girl was Kylie Rowand, who spent half of her 2 year old life battling with cancer, yet it didn’t diminish her charisma and whoever met her or hugged her, remember her for being a playful child who would make everyone laugh. Despite being taken away at the age of 2, her parents have made sure that she lives on in the memories of everyone in a very kind way, which ensures her legacy lives long.

1 The little princess

The toddler, whose life was taken away at such a young age, was Kylie Elizabeth Rowand. The child’s birth fulfilled the wishes of Bree and Luke Rowand of becoming parents. The family lived in Alpine, California, near San Diego. Little did they know that little bundle of joy would have to fight half her already short life to stay alive. “I never knew how much I could truly love somebody until my daughter was born," said her father, Luke Rowand.

The little princess

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2 When all dreams came crashing down!

Just at the age of 19 months, the parents heard a scream from Kylie and immediately knew something was wrong. She was immediately taken to the hospital when she could not be consoled at home. Her eye had swollen and ER immediately admitted her and took her for a series of tests to be conducted. The tests confirmed something bigger and fatal, as it turned out that Kylie had tumors all over her body and had a form of cancer known as neuroblastoma. She was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma and after that she underwent 2 brain bleeds and 10 different surgeries.

Kylie had tumors

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But unfortunately, after fighting the disease for 14 months, Kylie said goodbye to this world at the age of 2 years on Feb 7, 2015.

 Kylie elizabeth playing with her toys

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