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Nick Jonas Reveal About His Relationship In a Sweet Post On Instagram

By Raveena Ashodia, 23 June 2018


11Dinner in New York

After spotted together at a yacht party and baseball match, the couple again stepped out after returning to New York for another dinner date. They captured together leaving the restaurant and the pictures went viral. Priyanka is looking extremely beautiful in the pictures wearing a blue satin dress with a white blazer while Nick kept it casual and wore a black tee and cargo pants.

Dinner in New York

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12The Age difference between Nick and Priyanka

No doubts in the fact that Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra looks perfect with other. But the difference in their age is also a topic of gossip. Priyanka Chopra’s current age is 35 while Nick’s present age is 25. Priyanka is 10 years senior to nick but it doesn’t matter if they are happy in each other’s company and it’s not the first time Nick is dating a woman older than him.

The Age difference between Nick and Priyanka

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13Never say never


Internet meltdown with the new pictures of Nick and Priyanka when they spotted on another dinner date. They both were looking amazing with each other and Priyanka was all smiles. Priyanka’s jacket stole the show that had a phrase “never say never” imprinted on it. And as always Nick was in a sober mood and kept it casual, wore a black hoodie and a blue snapback.

Never say never

Image Source: indiatimes.in

14When Nick met Priyanka’s Mother

Now when it’s all clear that Priyanka and Nick are officially dating each other, they both are in India to meet Priyanka’s Mother Madhu Chopra. A source says they are happy and things are getting serious between them. After introducing Priyanka to his family, now its Nick’s turn to get along with Priyanka’s mother. They all went for dinner on Friday night and the singer is currently in India.

When Nick met Priyanka’s Mother

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15What their fans have to say

It seems like that their fans are not happy with their relationship as the social media is filled with negative comments about them. Some people are commenting that she’s doing this only for attention and others are gossiping about their age difference. The fans basically disapproved of their relationship. But if they are in love and happy with each other, nothing matters.

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What their fans have to say

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