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Nick Jonas Reveal About His Relationship In a Sweet Post On Instagram

By Raveena Ashodia, 23 June 2018


6Nick’s comment on Priyanka’s Instagram post

Like spotting together on a dinner date was not enough, Nick confirmed how he is in love with Priyanka by commenting on her Instagram post. In the picture, Priyanka is with her friends and laughing right before having a bite of her burger. Nick Commented “her Smile” with a heart emoji and it showed how much he is affectionate towards her.

Nick’s comment on Priyanka’s Instagram post

Image Source: bollywoodlife.com

7Flirty comments on Instagram

A little while after Nick’s comment on her post, Priyanka also commented on his post and it seemed like it was a battle of flirty comments. When Nick posted a selfie with a Kuala in Australia on his Instagram account, the flirty comment made by Priyanka Chopra became a topic of gossip. She commented “Who is cuter? LOL” on his picture. Priyanka definitely knows how to have fun and this comment by her left her fans freaking out.

Flirty comments on Instagram

8Nick takes Priyanka to his cousin’s wedding


When Nick Jonas attended his cousin’s marriage it appeared like the things between them is getting serious as Nick introduces Priyanka to his family. A picture of them went viral on social media at the wedding in which Priyanka is looking at Nick beautifully. They spent all the time at the wedding together and looked like a perfect couple. They are attending everything together and couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Nick takes Priyanka to his cousin’s wedding

Image Source: eonline.com

9When Priyanka spotted getting cozy with Nick on a Yacht

A picture speaks a thousand words and it was proved when a picture of Nick and Priyanka went viral in which Priyanka can be seen getting cozy with Nick. To celebrate Memorial Day in the US, Priyanka spent time with Nick. They both can be seen cuddling up in the picture and sharing a very comfortable bond with him. Indeed, they are going to be the cutest couple in Hollywood.

When Priyanka spotted getting cozy with Nick on a Yacht

Image Source: www.tuitgirl.cl

10Baseball date

As it was said earlier, Priyanka and Nick are now accompanying everything together. It was proved again when the new couple spotted together at a baseball match. She attended this baseball match with Nick in Los Angeles. As we all know, Priyanka is interested in sports, she looked happy during the match. The beautiful actress spent the whole weekend with Nick.

Baseball date

Image Source: ytimg.com


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