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New Pet Pitbull Heals Little Girl’s Fear of Being Alone

By Andrew Alpin, 14 November 2022


5 The best boy ever


Silva went with Dex and Lindsey to Mikaela’s room and climbed onto the bed, placing himself gently next to Mikaela. After Mikaela’s sleepless nights these past few weeks, the Pritchetts monitored her and stayed close by so they could rush in as soon as she woke up. Lindsey was monitoring her, but since she was exhausted from many sleepless nights, she eventually fell asleep. However, Mikaela slept through the night and didn’t stir. Early in the morning, she came beaming into the kitchen with Silva by her side and a bright smile across her face.

The best boy ever

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4 An interesting turn of events


Dex and Lindsey were confused by this new turn of events. Today was different for Mikaela, who was never an early riser and rarely ever smiled in the morning. Dex wanted answers, so he set up cameras in Mikaela’s room. The cameras were already set up when Dex put Mikaela down for her afternoon nap. She insisted, however, that Silva remains with her, and Dex consented. The footage he found on the camera that evening left him speechless.

An interesting turn of events

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3 The surprising truth revealed


Dex hurried to find out the truth from the camera recordings on his computer. Mikaela had a sound sleep that night, and Silva slept peacefully beside her. Dex was glad that his investment in the cameras to uncover the secret of how Silva would end up in Mikaela’s rom every night, despite Lindsey locking the furry Houdini in the kitchen every night, and How Mikaela had been having no trouble sleeping alone, all paid off. He saw the evidence the moment he went to shut down his computer.

The surprising truth revealed

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2 The proof


At night, Mikaela stirred and awoke in fear as usual. After spending some time awake on her bed, she worked up the courage to perform a monster check under her bed and then went straight to the kitchen. He and Lindsey discovered that Mikaela had been bringing Silva to her room every night. She hopped back in bed along with Silva. But she jolted awake again, and with bleary eyes, Mikaela looked around her room, her brows furrowing at the realization that neither of her parents was in sight. However, Silva whined at her and licked her face, pawing her lovingly until she laid back down. But her lips began trembling, and her eyes widened again. The dog laid down next to her and gave her another lick. Dex stared in disbelief as the events unfolded.

The proof

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1 A close bond


Mikaela eventually calmed down and smiled as she petted Silva until she fell asleep. Dex couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed! As soon as he saw what he saw, he called Lindsey to tell her. Finally, taking Mikaela to a pediatrician, the Pritchetts learned that their daughter had monophobia, or the fear of being alone and that Silva was working with her to overcome this. In fact, one of the best treatment methods for this condition was to have a furry companion. While Mikaela would eventually overcome her anxiety, her bond with Silva only grew stronger.

A close bond

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