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New Pet Pitbull Heals Little Girl’s Fear of Being Alone

By Andrew Alpin, 14 November 2022


10 They headed to the hospital but soon got stuck in traffic


They loaded up the car and headed for the hospital. They were met by the morning rush hour traffic as soon as they entered the highway. They anticipated being there for some time, so Dex played his favorite CD and chatted with his wife about work. But while they were talking in the front, Mikaela was up to some mischief in the backseat that would change their lives forever.

They headed to the hospital but soon got stuck in traffic

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9 A new destination


Mikaela managed to get out of her seat and gain access to the car window without alerting Dex or Lindsey. Fortunately, she did not roll down the window but instead jumped up and down, her gaze fixed on the road. Dex and Lindsey were deep in conversation when their daughter exclaimed, “Mommy, doggy, doggy!” They were both taken aback by her proximity to the window. Their mouths dropped open when they saw what Mikaela saw outside.

A new destination

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8 Their trip to the hospital took a detour


They had pulled up next to a shelter for abused and abandoned animals. Many animals were running around the shelter, and Mikaela wished they would stop so she could pet them. Since they had a doctor’s appointment, Dex was on the fence about going in. The ringing of his phone was an abrupt interruption. It was the hospital calling to reschedule his daughter’s appointment. Dex took it as no coincidence and felt destiny was leading them into that shelter. After canceling the appointment, he parked in the shelter’s lot and went in with Lindsey and Mikaela.

Their trip to the hospital took a detour

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7 Their new pet- Silva


Once inside, a pit bull named Silva immediately caught their eye. Dex could hardly believe their luck because Silva embodied the ideal dog he always wanted for a pet. After bringing home their new furry member, the Pritchetts felt Silva’s influence that night. They were so delighted to have Silva join the family that they cooked a special meal to celebrate. The group then settled in for a movie, during which something odd occurred.

Their new pet- Silva

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6 It was a pleasant surprise


Usually, Mikaela would not fall asleep even with the TV on, but she was sound asleep on the couch with Silva nestled up next to her. Lindsey and Dex tried to remain as quiet as possible while taking Mikaela to her bedroom. Then Silva awoke, and what he did next completely shocked everyone.

It was a pleasant surprise

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