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Never ignore these 7 types of pain

By Jatin Sharma, 3 March 2017


Whenever you experience pain and discomfort in your head, stomach, or leg, the first thing that you do is to pop painkiller, which cures the pain which enables you to get on with your normal life. And you tend to ignore it afterwards, never thinking much about the said pain.

Pain is an indication of something wrong with that part of body in which it manifests. Not every type of pain is grave, but there are definite signs that you should know to differentiate between pain that you should ignore and pain that you should see your doctor for comfort. Painkillers is not a good idea if they are taken frequently and that’s the reason why you should not ignore the following types of pain.

1 Severe/thunderclap head pain


Effect: An aneurysm which is an inflamed area in an artery.

This thunder clap head pain does not go away like a normal headache. A normal headache tends to go away of you pop a painkiller and that does not require immediate attention. The only way to tell a migraine from a normal headache is the migraine makes your head spin and you become queasy. Migraine also causes you to become extremely sensitive to bright light and loud sound. It also becomes intense little by little.

If you experience such pain, please seek immediate attention of your doctor and the doctor will certainly send you for a CT scan to check for any blood seeping into the brain. If there is haemorrhaging, you would have to undergo surgery to take care of the bleeding.

Severe/thunderclap head pain

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