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50 Of the Most Beautiful Girls in the World 2021 Updated

By Andrew Alpin, 6 December 2017


If you were to compile a list of the world’s most beautiful girl, wouldn’t you have a hard time knowing where to start?? There are thousands of exquisitely beautiful girl out there and it isn’t easy to choose the best looking of them all. What we have done is to spare you the pain of seeing the same old faces o every article of the world’s most beautiful girl and focus on more new faces that deserve to be there on any list of beautiful girls. Check out 50 of the world’s most beautiful girls in no particular order.

50Rosemary Keofitlhetse


Rosemary Keofitlhetse

Image Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com

She was Miss Botswana in the Miss World pageant of 2013 at Indonesia. Rosemary 24 was raised in Hukuntsi, Botswana. As an Agricultural graduate, Rosemary lives alone with her sister in Botswana while her father and two brothers are in London; Her Mother expired when she was young.

49Fernanda Hin Lin Ly


Fernanda Hin Lin Ly

Image Source: www.pinterest.com

Fernanda Hin Lin Ly is just 21 and was born in Australia. She is a model of Chinese descent and is famous for her pastel shaded hair. Fernanda has created quite a stir in the fashion industry and has been seen walking the ramp for the likes of Louis Vitton. Fernanda is also a technology student at Sydney University.

48Ashleigh Murray


Ashleigh Murray

Image Source: twimg.com

You might have seen Ashleigh Murray 29 in the Television series Riverdale where she stars as Josie McCoy, the band leader of the group Josie and the Pussycats. The American actress and singer was born in Kansas City, Missouri.

47Kylie Jenner


Kylie Jenner

Image Source: indianexpress.com

American Kylie Jenner is the famous sister of Kendall and is a TV personality who needs no introduction for appearing in Keeping up with the Kardashians. 20 year old Kylie runs her own clothing lie along with Kendall and also has her own cosmetic brand Kylie Cosmetics. Time listed Kylie among 25 most influential teens in 2014.

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46Yusra Mardini


Yusra Mardini

Image Source: pmcdeadline2.files.wordpress.com

Yusra Mardini from Syria is just 19 years old and is already a champion pro-swimmer who has even competed under the banner of the Refugee Olympics Athletes Team at Rio Olympics 2016.  She fled Syria in 2015 and is currently living in Berlin.


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