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Here’s All The Crazy Money These Avengers Were Paid for Infinity War

By KK Angus, 9 May 2018


11Chris Pratt

To be honest Chris Pratt is still relatively smaller than all the other substantial names in the movie but nobody can deny his success with the Guardians of the Galaxy series and in Infinity War he leads a major storyline and would of course very back in the next films. It was rumoured that he was paid something around $5 million for Infinity War. Interestingly he was not even paid a full $ 2 million for his first Guardians movie.

Chris Pratt

Image Source: thoughtcatalog.com

12Tom Holland

The youngest Avenger of all has a lot of responsibilities on his back and has yet to appear in another solo outing. Spider-Man may only have had one solo movie but he has garnered a massive popularity among fans. Recently Holland was voted Best Spider-Man and that only gave him better cred. Chances are he will hike his fees up for the next films. But for Infinity War he was paid $ 3 million.

Tom Holland

Image Source: nerdist.com

13Robert Downey Junior


There has been a lot of talk about Robert Downey Junior's paycheck for Infinity War since he is clearly the biggest star of the franchise. But some fans pointed out that Robert needed Iron Man just as much as MCU needed Robert so the producers really shouldn't extend their money too much. Needless to say it has been reported that he got around $50 million for Infinity War which is a major bump from his earlier checks.

Robert Downey Junior

Image Source: www.ibtimes.co.uk

14His last movie?

It is rumored that Avengers 4 might just be Robert’s last Avenger movie and might even be killed off in the sequel. Considering that he might ask for a ridiculous paycheck and MCU bosses would have to agree as he is irreplaceable.

Robert’s last Avenger movie

Image Source: www.inquisitr.com

15Vin Diesel

If you think Robert Downey Junior is the biggest star on MCU's radar you're wrong. The highest paycheck for Infinity War was scored by Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel for voicing the role of Groot. He was given something around $54 million.

Vin Diesel

Image Source: www.etonline.com


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