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Here’s All The Crazy Money These Avengers Were Paid for Infinity War

By KK Angus, 9 May 2018


6Scarlett Johansson

She has been with the MCU for the longest time. In fact she is not just one of the most bankable Avengers but has been one of the pillars of the franchise so it only makes sense that she will score a lot more than others it was reported that Scarlett earned around $20 million for Infinity War.

Scarlett Johansson

Image Source: www.ibtimes.co.uk

7The solo chance

Black Widow is all set to have a solo MCU outing soon and she will obviously be back for Avengers 4. So, fans predict that she might just rake up her rates for the next Marvel movies, as she is now so crucial to the plot.

Scarlett Johansson at Avengers

Image Source: www.allure.com

8Benedict Cumberbatch


He only has had one solo outing and he's not quite as popular as Iron Man or Thor but Cumberbatch who plays the sorcerer Doctor Strange is riding high on his success. He had a crucial role in Infinity War and will bring back for more in Avengers 4. But he only scored a paycheck of $ 5 million.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Image Source: www.revolution.watch

9How important is he?

Doctor Strange is one of the few surviving Avengers and will have a very important role in Avengers 4. He is the only one who can envision the parallel universes which would bring back the fallen Avengers.

Doctor Strange

Image Source: www.the-arcade.ie

10Josh Brolin

He had the most important job of all - to defeat the Avengers and collect the Infinity Stones. Brolin is not just MCU's favourite baddie but also a Hollywood icon and Infinity War couldn't have found a better villain as Thanos. He earned $ 5 or 6 million and we say he deserved a lot more.

Josh Brolin

Image Source: theblast.com


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