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The Interiors Of This Luxury Motorhome Are Stunning and Will Leave You Awestruck

By Andrew Alpin, 19 November 2017


13Technical features

The interior of the vehicle in width s 12 meters made larger by the inside out wall. The vehicle features a 430-460 horsepower engine with a tank that can hold upto 800 liters of fuel. There has been nothing to criticize in the Volkner Mobil Performance Z. 

Technical features

Image Source: www.volkner-mobil.com


14A variety of designs

The vehicle comes with a variety of layouts that enables a buyer to choose from different designs and color combinations. A buyer will also be able to customize and create living rooms according to choice and need. 

variety of designs

Image Source: www.drivemag.net


15Plenty of room for Bar cabinet


If you are one to take your drink with you, then the Performance S has a beautiful showcase and Bar cabinet as you can see from the picture. Moreover, the company has also brought out a double-decker vehicle with twice the features.

Plenty of room for Bar cabinet

Image Source: www.boredpanda.com


16One of the best motorhomes

Well! The Volkner Mobil Performance S is one of the best motorhomes. It is undoubtedly the crème de la crème among various RVs and motorhomes today. But as everything comes with a price, this does too but as you have seen it is really worth it. 

Volkner Mobil best motorhomes

Image Source: www.volkner-mobil.com


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