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3 Mistakes You Should Take Note of Before You Start Decorating Your Home

By AK, 19 August 2019


Making renovations to your home can be fun as it presents you with the chance to uplift your aesthetics to keep up with the trend. By the same token, it also increases the market value of your home.

Doing so, however, comes with stress and frustration, not to mention the costs of decoration items. Often, mistakes such as rushed decisions could result in serious interior design blunders.

For example, sofas can be too large for your room. And worse, the painting on the wall may look different from what you anticipated.

Whatever the case may be, every homeowner needs to avoid mistakes early to prevent losing money.

Keep in mind that the costs of interior design range from $2,000 to $5,000, which is quite hefty, most especially for first-time homeowners.

Read on and see the top three biggest interior design mistakes.

1Buying the Wrong Size of Furniture

Frustrations arise when the chair that you ordered was finally delivered to your house, and you noticed that it is too large to fit in the room or that the sofas make the room crammed because of the huge seats.

Furniture that is either too large or too small in your room can create a not-so-appealing design. Though you love the design and texture of a sofa from a home depot store, make sure that you know its measurements as well as the measurements of your room. Regardless of your house’s current design situation, there are ways you can improve it. Sometimes the answer could be changing just a single furniture item.

Buying the Wrong Size of Furniture

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2Wrong Painting Color

Wrong color choice is a common problem when decorating your house. You may paint clay but later get disappointed when you realize you wanted salmon-pink. Good thing, Arts College North Carolina teaches the art in choosing the right paint color.

Choosing the wrong color can be an expensive mistake, especially if you’re not familiar with the names of each paint color. One mistake and you will have to repaint the entire house.

Wrong Painting Color

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3Wrong Layout Perception


The layout is what gives the room its look and feel. It is the layout that makes a house you enter feel empty or cluttered like a collection of furniture. For example, if your room is long and narrow and you decide to put furniture on either side, it makes it look like a gallery or a corridor.

You may inherit a place with a particular arrangement. This often makes it hard to think of a creative way to rearrange the place. When you decide to buy new furniture, always think of ways to make the layout better. Arts College North Carolina encourages interior designers to practice zoning in their minds before the arrangement.

You can correct the poor layout by rearranging the furniture. A significant problem can occur if the room has many permanent fixtures. Here, a complete rework is the only solution to amend the design.

Wrong Layout Perception

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