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10 Mind Blowing Technologies That You Still Don’t Know Exist Today

By Andrew Alpin, 14 February 2018


Technology has evolved to a point where it never ceases to amaze us. Regardless of technology advancements in any field, the latest inventions will actually blow your mind away for their ingenuity and too-good-to-be-true factor.

Technology that a decade ago would be considered as science fiction

There are creations that have made everyday applications in, medicine, space exploration, the kitchen and home as well as in every avenue of industry, faster and more efficient. Only a decade ago, some of these would have been considered science fiction and figments of imagination but today they are real. Take a look at 10 new technologies that will blow you away completely.

Technology that a decade ago would be considered as science fiction

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1Electronic Skin

The first generation prototype of E-Skin was first developed by the Department of Electric and Electronic Engineering, School of Engineering, in the University of Tokyo. Today it has advanced into featuring skin that is extremely light and can be worn on regular skin like an artificial tattoo. E-skin even mimics itself and can repair itself.

It consists of pressure and temperature sensitive material that can even stretch like normal skin. It also contains an electronic circuit that is extremely thin perhaps ten times thinner than a human skin cell and contains biological sensors that can perform a number of functions. The E skin is attached using a process called the Van Der Vals method where no adhesive is used but rather depends on the attraction between molecules. The E-skin circuit uses solar cells to remain charged.

Electronic Skin

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E-skin can be used in mobile technology and robotics

While the main aim of E skin is to be used for prosthetic and robotic arms. Scientists also plan to use it to detect valuable information in the human body that will go a long way into providing medical information of a patient, athletes and workers. Moreover, scientists say that E skin technology can also be integrated with the functions of cell phones and other IT gadgets. Imagine you could be wearing your phone as a thin layer of skin instead

10 Mind Blowing Technologies That You Still Don’t Know Exist Today

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2Light Fidelity


 Imagine a WIFI signal which is 100 times faster and can give you speeds of 224 gigabytes per second. If you thought that was amazing, then consider the same being provided through your LED light bulbs used at home. That’s astounding and has been aptly coined as “LI-FI”.

Research successfully transmitted data at a rate of 224 gigabytes per second and has implemented the technology in industrial applications in Estonia where the rate of 1 GB per second was achieved. In the initial research phase when the technology was first invented, creator Harald Haas from Edinburgh University, Scotland demonstrated the application of LIFI at 224 GB per second using a light flickering at speeds that no human eye could detect to transmit the data. This is almost like 18 movies of 1.5 GB each being downloaded in one second.

Light Fidelity

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3Transparent Aluminum Armor

Aluminum armor has the potential to stop a .50 caliber BMG armor piercing bullet. That’s like the Elvish armor worn by Frodo in LOTR. Known as ALON (aluminum oxynitrate), it is a compound consisting of aluminum, oxygen and nitrogen.

Today it is the hardest transparent ceramic substance known to man. The substance can be used in production of windows, automobiles, domes, rods and tubes. It is transparent and as hard as a sapphire that can withstand heated temperatures upto 2,100 degrees centigrade.

Transparent Aluminum Armor

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