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Man With The Golden Arm Whose Blood Saved Millions Of Babies' Life

By Nenad Dojcinovski, 21 May 2018


The “man with the golden arm” sounds like a super-hero who emerged from the sky to save us all in a moment of suffer. Well, that’s not really the case. This old man didn’t emerged from the sky, and his hand isn’t really golden. But he did saved 2.4 million babies by donating blood every week for 60 years.

1The Man With The Golden Arm with the babies he saved

Which means he is a hero, but not as recognizable as those we see in the movies. He doesn’t fly, and he doesn’t wear a suit. But he is a hero!

James harrison the superhero

Image Source: factsherald.com


2The real super-hero of this World

81-year-old James Harrison from Australia is restoring faith in humanity all over the world. He had a major chest surgery when he was only 14-year-old. Young James was hospitalized for 3 months and he had one lung removed during the operation.

James Harrison

Image Source: istoriascomvalor.com


3James Harrison survived an operation thanks to a blood transfusion


It was a difficult operation indeed, but James managed to recover. But his journey to becoming the “man with the golden ram” started when he found out that the reason why he survived the operation is because he received a large quantity of transfused blood.

James Harrison survived an operation

Image Source: noonecares.club

4The turning point in his life

This was the turning point in James’s life. This is when he pledged to himself to always donate blood to whom so ever required it. You have to be 18-years-old to be a blood donor in Australia, which means he had to wait 4 more years.

James Harrison in hospital

Image Source: nation.com.mx

5James’s blood was special

And as soon as James became a donor, the doctors realized that James’s blood can solve a painful problem.

James’s blood was special

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