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How To Fix 15 Major Health Problems All Of Us Suffer From In The Summer

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 26 June 2018


11Sun allergy


A person may develop urticaria (hives) on the skin by spending a good amount of time in sun if the sun sensitivity is in heredity or a person is under certain medication. The hives are red, itchy, raised welts on the skin and they are of various sizes and shapes. Ask your doctor whether the tablets prescribed by him will result in any allergy when you go out in sun. If yes, avoid going in the sun and protect your skin.

Sun allergy

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12Swimmer’s itch


People don’t mind jumping in lakes or ponds for swimming in the summer season but these water bodies may contain harmful parasites because of which the person can get tiny red spots on the body parts which were uncovered. They can cause itching and sometimes blisters also appear. Swimmer’s itch can be prevented by swimming in only those water bodies which are properly maintained.

Swimmer’s itch

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13Acne breakout


In summers, people sweat a lot and when this sweat mixes with oil and bacteria on their skin, it clogs the pores. If the person’s skin is acne prone, it may result in breakouts. Don’t use towels to wipe off sweat as it may result in irritation so it will be better if you blot sweat from the skin and make sure that you wear washed clothes only.

Acne breakout

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14Eyes protection


As the sunrays are very harsh in summers, we need to take care of eyes also in order to save them from sunrays. Sunglasses of good quality should be used in order to save eyes as various diseases can be caused once eyes are over-exposed to sunrays. Eyes should be washed using cold water after a person returns to house from outside so that they can get rid of impurities as it helps in keeping eyes healthy.

Eyes protection

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15 Razor burns


If you are not habitual of shaving the delicate parts of the body such as bikini area or armpits in winters, you may get razor burns after shaving them in summers. You can experience redness, itching, and swelling in those areas and applying lavender oil or a mixture of mashed strawberries and oil can give some relief from the burns.

Razor burns

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