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Choose the Celebrity You Like and Learn Something New About Your Personality

By Andrew Alpin, 28 April 2018


How attractive a celebrity usually depends on our own individual likes and dislikes. Some might feel that Leonardo is the biggest heartthrob of Hollywood, while others may feel it to be George Clooney. It all depends on how you see things combined with your personality itself. Yes! Your personality usually determines your choices in more ways than one.

1How choosing a celebrity can reveal your personality


Choosing what celebrity attracts us more reveals our own desires and preferences of soulmates. The choice of celebrity and their characteristics can well reveal the type of qualities we look for in our own partners. The same also reveals a lot about our own personalities as well.

 Hollywood celebrities

Image Source: www.squareeyed.tv

2What is this test based on?


This test is based on the Myers Briggs Type indicator personality test which is widely used to determine the psychological aspects of a person’s personality, nature and character. 

girl looking in the mirror

Image Source: medicalnewstoday.com

3Choose one celebrity from the group of 8


This is a test prepared for you that reveals the type of characteristics you desire in your Prince Charming. You have to select one celebrity from the 8 choices. That choice should be based on who you think is representative of a perfect man and then we will reveal what your choices mean. Here are the 8 celebrities.

 group of celebrities

Image Source: www.fokuzz.com

4Hugh Jackman


If you chose Hugh Jackman, it means you desire a man who is a good judge of people and who uses such information to make an informed and good decision. Hugh Jackman is associated with several charities and causes such as NGO’s working towards eradicating poverty and providing services for critically ill people suffering from diseases like Aids. He is associated with such works of philanthropy worldwide. 

Hugh Jackman

Image Source: tvtropes.org


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