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Key Ways Of Protecting Your Hardwood Flooring

By AK, 15 June 2019


Owning a home is one thing, but it comes with more than enough responsibilities for you to keep in mind. For the most part, it's going to be super important that you try your best to take care of everything. A lot of areas in the house have to be focused on, like your flooring. Many people often find that wood flooring is the ideal choice or the more popular choice in flooring. The one challenge with this is that you have to be sure to keep the floor in the best condition possible. Just about anything from pets to furniture can potentially damage your floor if you aren't careful. With you being a homeowner you will have to keep your floor in the best shape possible. Let's be honest, it's hard not to say that hardwood floors can make a part of the house stand out.

There’s just something about these floors that really catches the attention of many. Not only are they eye-catching, but they don’t stain as easy as a carpet does. Along with that, they are super easy to clean when the time for cleaning comes. While they are indeed easy to clean, they still require a specific understanding of maintenance. The key is not only to protect their integrity but their coating too.

Yes, over time your hardwood floors are going to get old, but if you take care of them that won’t be for a while. It’s actually pretty easy to take care of a hardwood floor as long as you keep a few credentials in mind. What you don’t want is for your floor to fall apart on your or show exponential amounts of damage.

The task of taking care of a hardwood floor doesn’t have to be a complete hassle. The key is in knowing the right approaches to take along with a few tips as well.

1Look To Keep The Floors Clean

Nobody wants to walk across a floor that dirty, so you’ll have to make sure you clean your floors regularly. You can start off with sweeping the floor regularly (most would say every other day) with a broom that has soft bristles. You also want to make sure that you mop the floors on a regular basis as well. Now, there are going to be times where something may get spilled, and it’s something that’s hard to avoid. So, in any case of a spill, it’s important to make sure it gets cleaned as soon as possible. There are a lot of liquids that can potentially damage your wooden flooring if not taken care of quickly.

Look To Keep The Floors Clean

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2Investing In Furniture Buffers Will Be Beneficial

All of the furniture in your home is going to be the main culprit when it comes to flooring damage. Every time you rearrange something in any room, you often hear that sound of the floor being dug into. Or maybe you hear the sound of metal being dragged across the way. In some cases, furniture can leave some pretty nasty marks if you aren’t careful. All of this can be avoided with the help of different furniture buffers (pads, chair leg caps plastic, etc.). Things like these will be great to have in order to help protect your floors from your furniture. There will be a smaller chance of scratches popping up, which is exactly what you want. It offers a super easy way of protecting your beautiful wooden floors.

You won't have to worry about struggling to find the right size for these things. Most of them come in a variety of sizes, so they can work with multiple styles of furniture. Even if it's just a loose chair you have in the room, all will be well.

Investing In Furniture Buffers Will Be Beneficial

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3Can’t Go Wrong With Animal-Proofing The Floors


If you have any pets at home (mainly cats and dogs), you know that they have sharp claws or toenails. Your animals aren’t going to lay around all day, they like to walk around in order to keep themselves going. It’s important to keep their nails at a healthy length, not just for your floors but for them as well. Essentially you will be helping them while you are protecting the health of your hardwood flooring.

There are more than enough ways for homeowners to go about making sure their floors say in the best shape possible. As many people would say to hardwood floor owners, the more you protect your floors the longer they will last during their lifecycle.

Can’t Go Wrong With Animal-Proofing The Floors

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