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Health This Japanese Fat Burning Technique Is the Quickest and Easiest Way to Burn Belly Fat

This Japanese Fat Burning Technique Is the Quickest and Easiest Way to Burn Belly Fat


It’s easy to keep writing and filling the internet with hundreds of articles on fitness and weightloss but how many of us can actually follow it? what happens to those who need to sit at a desk such as writers, journalists, data analysts, well you know the kind I’m talking about, those who just can’t get time to move from that computer screen except when you need to return home or retire to bed when exercise for you and of course me means walking up and down the home stairs or walking to the refrigerator and back.

Well there’s hope for us yet because somehow I stumbled upon one of these Japanese fat burning techniques which is a unique weight loss program called the “long breath diet. It doesn’t entitle heavy workouts, HIIT and the like but just deep breathing. It was discovered by Former Japanese actor Miki Ryosuke who was actually trying out exercises for his back as advised by a doctor. He is now a fitness sensation on YouTube and guarantees this simple remedy will actually work.

Inhale exhale trick to lose bodyweight


1 What is the long breath diet?

Miki Ryoske actually lost weight without a sweat. All he did was breathe to lose weight and he shows you how he did it. All it requires is an inhale-exhale technique which Rysoke calls the “long breath diet”. It helped him lose 28 pounds and 5 inches in 50 days. As one of the best fat burning techniques, the rapid weight loss method involves a breathing exercise for 2 minutes every day and a regular healthy diet. There no need to hit the gym and what’s even amazing to know is the fact that it is perfect for those saddled with a desk job and have to work till late at night.

The long breath diet consists of either of two techniques. Here is the first one

  • Stand with one leg forward and the other behind at the back
  • Transfer 90% bodyweight to the back foot
  • Tighten or strain your buttocks
  • Inhale for 3 seconds while lifting your arms above your head
  • Exhale with intensity for 7 seconds contracting all your body muscles while doing so
  • Repeat 2-5 minutes daily
  • Read on for technique 2

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