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6 Items to Perfect Your Wedding Guest Look

By AK, 7 October 2019


Sure, the bride’s wedding gown is everything everyone is anticipating, but as a wedding guest, you also have a chance to look beautiful at a wedding you are invited to.

When planning to attend a wedding and you might not have the appropriate clothes for the occasion, it is time to do some wedding guest shopping!

The best thing today is that shops now have a diverse range of clothing styles and sizes that cater to everyone’s needs.

Dress boutiques and shops have extended to diversify. They’ve got everything from cocktail dresses to plus size dresses for wedding guest. Some even include dresses for kids, some avant-garde designs, and some shops tailor their dresses to fit the buyer.

So you get the best of what you’re paying for.

Now on to the shopping part. Here are the tips when shopping for your whole attire for a wedding.

1 Make sure you know the theme


Is it a beach wedding, a church wedding, or a garden wedding? The type of dress you might want to buy is appropriate for the location of the wedding.

Some weddings also have a unifying color by the couple’s preference. So as a guest, you also want to know what color the couple has decided to use.

In some invitations, the couple states the type of dress the guests are expected to wear. Is it formal? Casual? So, double-check the invitation for this information.

Make sure you know the theme

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2Be simply beautiful. Not too flashy


When picking the right dress, make sure you avoid flashy colors like neons and bright shades of red and orange. These colors usually stand out in a crowd, and you don’t want people getting distracted by such brightness you wear.

Try to pick neutral colors or soft pastel colors. These colors will make you look very gentle, and it will give more space and attention to your fresh, beautiful face.

Also, pick the dress that complements your body type. Clothes now come in different shapes and sizes. For instance, they have plus size dresses for wedding guests or for any other occasion.

Be simply beautiful. Not too flashy

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3Pick the right pair of shoes


Comfort before style. This means you have to buy the pair of shoes that fit you, with just the right amount of elevation and glamour.

Weddings are usually fun-filled occasions. There is a lot of standing and dancing. So make sure you sport on the right pair of shoes to thoroughly enjoy the event. They must be comfortable and must compliment your look.

When buying a new pair of shoes, try using them before the wedding day. This way, you spare your self from the usual pain when wearing it the first time.

Pick the right pair of shoes

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4Spice up your look with accessories


With a shy color for a dress, you can still add personality to your look with the help of the right accessories. You may opt for earrings, a necklace, or bracelets. An excellent choice and proportion of these accessories will keep your muted look very soft and yet pleasing and lovely.

5Cute hair clips


Your hair will also complete your look. For weddings, keep it as neat and simple as possible. You may buy some cute clips you can put on the side or a floral hair tie. Just make sure that it complements your face and your entire look.

6New lipstick!


Last, but not least, in our list, is the makeup.

Opt for a fresh look. You can buy a new lipstick for this event. Choose neutral tones. You may also go for pink or coral tones.

In totality, your make up must be easily retouched since you might engage in some dancing. Therefore, the simpler, the better, and the more comfortable it is to be redone.

Spice up your look with accessories

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