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Israeli Start-Up Proves Sky Is The Limit, Designs Balloons For Capturing Carbon From Environment

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 7 November 2021


9Benefits of this method


Despite the fact that there is technology available for extracting carbon-di-oxide from the environment, it is highly costly in comparison to the method devised by the High Hopes Labs. As far as the cost is concerned, the cost of capturing a ton of carbon by High Hopes Labs will be around $100 while if we talk about other technologies, the cost of removing or capturing the same amount of carbon from the environment will be around $1000.

10Earth Saving innovation


High Hopes Labs have termed their method of capturing carbon as an Earth-saving innovation and believes that it can bring a big change in the global scenario as they depend on nature completely for freezing CO2 and this process has no harmful effects on the environment or humans as well.

11High Hopes Balloons


As we told you, the company is planning to design big balloons for extracting a huge amount of carbon per balloon but their job won't be easy as they will need many balloons because around 117 million tons of CO2 is emitted by the planet each day.

12Apple is also working on carbon removal


Apple, the company which is famous for its iPhone is also taking climate change seriously and earlier this year it announced one of its kind carbon removal initiatives which it named as Restore Fund and it is worth $200 million. As per this initiative, Apple has entered into collaboration with Conservation International and Goldman Sachs and it will make investments into the projects related to forests and aims to remove 1 million tons of carbon-di-oxide each year.

We should also play our part in dealing with global warming by using the existing resources in a proper manner and ensuring that we don't waste anything.


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