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The Incredible Medical Technology Saving Lives

By AK, 29 May


4Surgical Robots

The development of surgical robots could change the practice of surgery forever and these incredible devices are already being used in hospitals across the USA and Europe. Doctors use a control panel connected to a robotic arm system that includes a camera and surgical tools, the control panel allows them a greater level of precision, flexibility and allows doctors to carry out complex procedures with more ease. Surgical robots are less invasive than regular surgery reducing scar tissue and helping to aid the recovery process for patients.

Robot surgery also opens up greater opportunities for specialists to perform procedures from a distance. Meaning those with complex issues that require treatment in distant countries that don’t have the facilities available could receive improved treatment faster and with a greater chance of recovery.

53D Printed Organs

Transplant lists are long and can be complicated but 3D printing, a technology already mentioned in this list, could change organ transplants completely. 3D bioprinting has already shown amazing developments and scientists have been able to print blood vessels, synthetic organs and skin cells. These can then be transplanted into the patient and carefully grown to replace the faulty organ. Organs and synthetic tissues can be grown using cells from the patient’s body, reducing the chance of rejection and easing the demand for organ donors across the world.

Currently, patients that receive transplants need to take a long course of immunosuppressant drugs to reduce rejection of the transplanted organ, this can have negative side effects and puts patients at the risk of further illnesses which the body cannot naturally fight off.

Incredible Medical Technology Saving Lives

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6Healthcare Wearables


Many vulnerable people are at risk every day and smart healthcare wearables can help doctors to identify when people need medical assistance and get it to them faster. Our smartphones and supported smartwatches can already track things like steps, heart rate and sleeping patterns and they could be developed to track blood glucose levels, monitor pregnant women and provide support for patients with other chronic health conditions. Healthcare wearables could soon reduce the load on emergency services and GPs and ensure the people that need help get it faster and before their health takes a turn for the worse.

The world is forever changing and as new technology is found and greater technological advancements are developed, long waits and overburdening of healthcare could soon become a relic of the past. Another positive of technological developments is the affordability of healthcare, as technology develops and becomes more readily accessible, more people can gain access to advanced technology and return to good health sooner.


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