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The Most Important Features to Consider Within A Buy-To-Let Investment Property

By AK, 18 January 2020


Looking into purchasing an investment property for the purposes of letting it out to a tenant? Once you’ve figured out the area that you think will be the most lucrative and decided on the type of property that you want to invest in, you then need to think about what sorts of things your potential tenants would actually want from a new home, and what you can do to give you the best possible opportunity of garnering a consistent income.

For inspiration, take a look at this shortlist, detailing some of the most important features within your property to consider along the way.


One of the most important things to think about within the property itself is whether or not it has an inviting look and feel, and once again, if you want to attract tenants to come and live (and stay) within your property, you need to make sure that the design of the home appeals to them.

In cities, minimalist, simple design that makes the most of what is often a reduced amount of space is favoured. Residents will typically relinquish the luxury of large rooms and floor space in order to get in on the opportunities the city can afford them, and so non-overbearing furniture and open, bright décor will help to combat the claustrophobic nature that some apartments can have.

For inspiration on modern design, take a look at some of the different properties offered by RWinvest throughout Liverpool and Manchester. Their Poets Place and Reliance House Studios developments feature sleek, minimalist interiors, and with developments still in the pipeline, their contemporary designs are a good indicator of the sort of thing to look out for in the future.


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Particularly if you're investing in a city center property, such as one that is marketed towards students or young professionals that want to get as much as they possibly can out of their space, an important thing to bear in mind is what additional extras you can offer in order to stand out from the surrounding competition.

Depending on what tenant you want to attract, here are some examples of high-end, luxury amenities that stand out within properties:

Personal Gym Areas - These appeal to a wide range of people, but are particularly popular with young professionals or students that have a busy schedule and so perhaps don't have enough time in their day to go to their nearest gym.

Swimming Pool/Spa - An extension and perhaps even more of a luxury than the standard gym area (which is becoming increasingly common)

Communal Cinema Rooms For big-city apartments and buildings that can often feel antisocial, cinema and games rooms can be a great social space for residents to get together and relax. Overall, these sorts of additions will surely make your property stand out to tenants that are looking for a new place to live, and will allow you to charge more for monthly rent, increasing the secondary income that you stand to make from your investment.


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