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What Are The Impacts Of Different Sleeping Positions On Your Health?

By Vishnu Sharma, 29 March 2018


5 One Side, Arms Out

One side arms out is also good for curing the snoring problem. However, when sleeping in this position, the flow of blood gets restricted due to the pressure on the nerves. This can cause pain in the neck and shoulder.

One Side, Arms Out

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6 On Side, Arms at Sides

This sleeping position is also good for people suffering from back and neck pain. In addition, this position also helps in curing problems like sleep apnea. However, like the other sleeping positions, it also has some drawbacks. Sleeping in this position can lead to other problems like wrinkles and sagging breasts.

On Side, Arms at Sides


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7 On the Right Side


If you are a side-sleeper, which side you sleep can also have an impact on your health. If you sleep on the right side, it can create heart issues; if you sleep on the left side, it can put a strain on your internal organs like the stomach, lungs, and liver.

On the Right Side


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8 Pillow Supplemented

Regardless of which position you sleep, you will experience less pain if your body is supplemented by a pillow. Back sleepers can put a pillow below their spine arc, while freefall sleepers can put a pillow under their hips to avoid pain while sleeping.

Pillow Supplemented


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