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These images will confirm whether you have Thalassophobia or not!

By Richa Dwivedi, 17 March 2017


Although referred to as 'the deep, blue sea', every adjective used to describe the ocean is an understatement. There is no word in the English dictionary that can aptly describe the ocean. It is endless, boundless and frightening, probably second only to space.

The stillness of the ocean, the depth, the life inside its inky blue waters… I don't know about you but I sure am terrified of the ocean. I wouldn't go scuba diving even if you gave me a million dollars. There's a term that's been coined for this kind of fear. It's called thalassophobia. The handpicked few images that you're about to see is about to kindle the thalassophobia in you, that you never knew you had.

1 Stunning yet stinging

The Lion's mane jellyfish is the largest known species of jellyfish and also one of the most poisonous and dangerous. Imagine confronting one of these whilst scuba diving!

largest known species of jellyfish

Image Source: www.imgur.com

2 The tale of the sunken yacht

Brazilian Journalist and entrepreneur, João Lara Mesquita once owned a yacht that went by the name 'Mar Sem Fim', which literally translates into English as 'Endless Sea'. This yacht was manned by four crew members and then it met with its untimely end on the 7th of April in 2012. Unfortunately, the boat had capsized and it sank into the freezing waters of the Maxwell Bay of Ardley Cover in Antarctica. Photographs of the sunken yacht, before it was rescued in 2013 are definitely going to send a chill down your spine.

tale of the sunken yacht

Image Source: www.proboating.ru

3 Open Wide - Calvin Harris ft. Whale Shark


Whale sharks, because sharks aren't petrifying enough! They are slow moving sharks and the largest known extant fish species. This is an image of a scuba diver who was almost about to get sucked into the mouth of a whale shark.

Calvin Harris ft. Whale Shark

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

4 Jaws Part - 5

I don't understand how people get eaten by sharks, I mean, do they not hear the music playing? 

Jaws Part - 5

Image Source: www.w2.hdnux.com

5 Welcome to your *ahem* my humble abode

Step right in, and do make yourself comfortable. 

scary shark

Image Source: www.peacefulcentury.net

6 Not sure if it’s an eel or fat water hose


Imagine stumbling upon this while wading through flooded waters in your area (if it happens to get flooded that is).

snake in water

Image Source: www.pplware.sapo.pt

7 It's a leopard! It's a seal! No, it's a leopard seal!

If Bagheera could swim, what do you think he'd look like? 

leopard or seal!

Image Source: www.rnkr-static.com

8 Relax, it's just seaweed

Yep, I found that hard to believe at first. Looked like flailing arms from the waters below to me. Or worse still, like the Kraken had been unleashed.


Image Source: www.imgur.com

9 Surfing, anybody?


Picture this… being engulfed by that mighty, huge monster wave while surfing over waves in Hawaii. What would you do? This image is sure to kick in that thalassophobia in you.

Surfing in the ocean

Image Source: www.factorymedia.com

10 Not Man of Steel, but Man of War

The Portuguese man o' war,also known as the blue bubble or the floating terror! 'Nuff said. You might not want to get near its stinging tentacles even if it's dead.

Man of War

Image Source: www.photoshelter.com

11 Do not proceed, if you value your life

Jacob's Well in Texas is a tunnel opening in a small perennial spring which has a diameter of 12 feet. It goes straight down for about 30 feet before leveling off into a huge underwater tunnel system and has the potential to swallow you alive. Just so you know, at least eight divers who were trying to explore the caves have died in this system.

value your life

Image Source: www.pinimg.com

12 Do not be deceived by what you see


Although this looks like the perfect blue-green water body to take a swim, numerous people have died in the vent of Blue Springs, Florida.

blue-green water body

Image Source: www.trekearth.com

13 School of Hammerheads

Although that may literally translate into a school full of dipshits, here I'm talking about hammerhead sharks. An entire school is swimming above you. What would you do?

School of Hammerheads

Image Source: www.toolito.com

14 God on the ocean bed

'Christ of the Abyss', is a bronze statue of Jesus Christ that was planted on the bed of the Bay of San Fruttoso in the year 1954 by the Italian Navy, in memoriam of one of the greatest scuba divers that ever lived, Dario Gonzatti, who passed on in the year 1950. The arms of Christ here are stretched out wide and he faces the surface of the water which indicates peace. Although looking at a statue of Christ is supposed to bring about tranquility and peace in you, but this one instills that thalassophobia in you without a doubt.

God on the ocean bed

Image Source: www.imgur.com

15 Your ship has sunken


The Russians have an acclaimed naval force with a number of ships, including destroyers. This particular Russian destroyer ship that sunk to the ocean bed years ago is rather famous for the photograph of a scuba diver kneeling before its ruins. There's just something about shipwrecks that send shivers down your body.

ship has sunken

Image Source: www.wp.com

16A River at the bottom of the ocean

The so called scuba divers’ dream- visiting the underwater river in Cenote Angelita in Mexico! Angelita is a cenote, which is a deep sinkhole formed by the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater from underneath.

River at the bottom of the ocean

Image Source: www.ripleys.com