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35 Illustrations Proving Society’s Double Standards That You Too Maybe Guilty Of

By Andrew Alpin, 11 December 2017


“All men and women are created equal” That, of course, is a saying that will always remain a saying, it is never practiced in the world we live in where our present society reeks of double standards rampant in every sphere of life. Given the fact that we may have come a long way to the point of recognizing that inequality does exist and there are many stalwarts and social activists championing such a cause, still, the journey is a long one. However, it doesn’t hurt sometimes to portray such human vice through a comical perspective and that’s exactly what you will see here. These illustrations of society’s double standards are the prime example of the problems we face today. Read on.

1 It is ok to titillate a consumer but this in public? Is oh so bad


David Horsey’s illustration accompanying an article in the LA times rightly addressed how hypocritical society is where it’s ok for models to parade half-naked on a ramp or be displayed on billboards to titillate and attract a consumer, but breastfeeding in public and you may get several fingers pointing at you. Get this! Horsey found that 12000 women are arrested every year for breastfeeding in public.

hypocritical society

Image Source: www.trbimg.com

2 It isn’t only the men


Now isn’t this a common scenario in every place, hot men or women are much preferred than those regarded by some as not good looking.

sunny street

Image Source: www.imgur.com

3 Definitely the looks have it


Cute gal gorging on food, yes she is cute, she is pretty, she’s attractive. Overweight gal gorging on food, How Gross!! You need to diet babe!!

Cute gal gorging on food

Image Source: www.realpenguin.com

4 We are definitely warped as human beings


This image explains it all, draw a female character and it invites sexist remarks, draw a male with little to the imagination and voila, that’s ok. It could be vice versa too.

warped as human beings

Image Source: www.pinimg.com

5 And here’s another one


Judge for yourself if this scenario is true. What most people don’t realize is that the opposites do attract so if you are going to be going ooo la la over a man in tights, let the men do the same too.

And here’s another one

Image Source: www.pinterest.com

6 Look in the mirror first before making a comment


Criticism if constructive is ok otherwise learn to shut up because you should always smell your own armpits first before rattling off about someone else’s looks.

Look in the mirror first before making a comment

Image Source: digitalsynopsis.com

7 When you’re a parent


Isn’t it weird how society has stereotyped gender roles where a woman by default needs to do her job as a mom but a man doing the same in public means he’s doing a favor by being a dad.

When you’re a parent

Image Source: www.boredpanda.com


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