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This Husband Got Busted For Having An Affair With A Teenager In The Most Surprising Way

By KK Angus, 1 April 2018


A Russian wife, Anna Rudenok, who is married to an university lecturer named Dmitry Rudenok found some compelling evidence to make a case of disloyalty against her husband, that too involving his student. But what happened exactly?

1Who found it?


24-year-old Anna had just become a mom and she is married to a Russian lecturer named Dmitry. Anna found a rather odd picture on one of her husband's students Instagram accounts. She noticed that 19-year-old Emilia who is a student of Dmitry has posted a photo on Instagram in which she seems to be sitting in the flat which Anna shares with Dmitry.

Anna Rudenok

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2She decided to go deeper


After noticing the curious picture, Anna decided to follow closely, what her husband does on Instagram. She started to keep a close eye on what he posts, what he likes and pretty soon she found out that her husband had indeed been cheating on her.

Rudenok is a lecturer

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3The likes…


Anna discovered that Dmitry had consistently liked some pictures of his young student Emilia Ignatova on Instagram. Incidentally, Dmitry was not in the habit of liking the pictures of any other students, but just Emilia. Not only is Emilia a total stunner, but kind of an Instagram celebrity too. But in spite of all that she is just 19, and if she is in a relationship with Dmitry it could obviously get them both in trouble.

Dmitry had consistently liked some pictures

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4Going deeper


Not just her husband but Anna had begun to keep an eye on Emilia's Instagram too. The mother-of-one discovered that Emilia was wearing her clothes in one of the pictures she had posted. And in another of her uploads, Emilia has shared a picture of Anna and Dmitry's cat. This gave way to bigger suspicions in Anna's mind.

Emilia's Instagram

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5In their house


Anna found a few pictures which are taken in the room in which their baby sleeps. The fact that Emilia had been in their home, without Anna's knowledge was obviously evidence of Dmitry's extramarital affair.

cheating husband

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