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How To Apply for an Online Installment Loan with Bad Credit

By AK, 4 August 2020


A bad credit score is a sign of missed payments and bad financial condition in some cases. If you have below-average credit, you need to take steps to improve it. According to financial experts, an online installment loan can be used to repair a bad credit score since banks and credit unions won’t give you credit. This article discusses what you can do to apply for an online installment loan with bad credit.

1Find Lenders Who Offer Installment Loan to People With Bad Credit


The installment loan is specifically designed for people with bad credit. You can search for lenders online and submit a loan application for approval, based on your information. If the loan is approved, you will get an amount you are eligible to borrow.

2Find the Requirements


The lender’s approval or rejection of the loan application relies on the requirements you meet. If you do not meet certain conditions, the online installment loan with bad credit is rejected. Some of the standard requirements you need to fulfill are.

  • Must be 25 years or older
  • Must have minimum income amount set by the lender
  • Furnish proof of identity
  • Provide valid bank account details

The list mentions mandatory requirements, and you need to fulfill them for your loan application to be considered and approved.

3Share Details of Your Income Source


The installment loan for people with bad credit does not take into account the borrower’s credit score. Instead, the lender asks the borrower to share details of a stable income source. This information is used to determine the EMI and the loan tenure. The installment loan offered to you might be a short-term loan, and you might have to pay the credit within a year.

Find Lenders Who Offer Installment Loan to People With Bad Credit

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4Check APR


The annual percentage rate is different for each lender. The state only specifies the upper and lower limit of APR the lender can charge. Before applying for an installment loan, check the APR of different lenders. A lower APR ensures you pay overall less in comparison to a loan with high APR.

You can ask the lender to cut down the APR. The loan terms and conditions, details of EMI, the APR, and the repayment schedule are mentioned in the loan approval document. Take some time to read the fine print before signing the document thoroughly.

5Understand the Fees


Besides the loan terms and condition, EMI, and the Annual Percentage Rate, understand different fees levied by the lender. Some lenders charge an origination fee equivalent to 1% to 6% of the loan amount. They also charge late fees and prepayment charges. You shouldn’t sign the document until the lender discloses all fees.

6Choose a Manageable EMI


If your credit score is subpar, you are more likely to have multiple debts. Consider other financial repayments and responsibilities while considering the EMI. You can ask for a manageable EMI so that you do not miss payments. However, that will increase the loan tenure, and you end up paying more interest.

These are some things that you need to do when applying for an installment loan for people with a poor credit score.

Find the Requirements

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