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Horizontal Versus Vertical Blinds: Which is Better?

By AK, 19 November 2019


There are many reasons to choose blinds. Besides its beauty, it also gives you more sense of security and privacy. Plus, they are much easier to maintain compared to curtains.

There are two kinds of blinds: the horizontal ones and the vertical blinds. Now, which of these is better?

1How to Choose Between Horizontal and Vertical Blinds


Although it boils down to a matter of personal choice, there are two basic rules of thumb: horizontal blinds are perfect for taller, narrower, and smaller types of windows. Meanwhile, vertical types are better on fuller windows and even on sliding glass doors.

If you have a standard window that is not big or small, you can either go for horizontal or vertical blinds.

You can consider your home's overall theme, the mechanism for opening the windows and blinds, how easy they are to clean, and the direction of the sunlight.

2Following an Overall Theme


If you would like to follow the overall theme of your home, it is best to focus on the material as it can change the way your blinds look. For example, aluminum blinds are best for a modern design. Meanwhile, wooden blinds would look great on contemporary and rustic designs.

But, how do you know if you want a horizontal or vertical blind for your windows?

Check the nearest provider and see what materials are available for both the vertical and horizontal blinds. If they have an aluminum or wooden vertical or horizontal screen, then check the price. Be sure you go with the product that complements your budget.

Lastly, imagine how a vertical blind or a horizontal one would look with your window and its surrounding elements.

3Mechanisms of Windows


There are sliding windows, awning windows, skylight windows, and more. Each one has a certain kind of opening mechanism. Make sure that you choose blinds that can complete the mechanism itself.

Keep in mind that the blinds should not be in the way of the mechanism so that you can open or close your windows quickly. You also want to ensure that it will not ruin the blinds in any way.

4Ease of Cleaning


Any blinds, regardless of whether it is horizontal or vertical, are easier to clean compared to other window covers.

However, cleaning a vertical blind is easier. You can start from any panel and dust it off or sweep it. Meanwhile, horizontal blinds can be a little trickier as you need to always start from the top to the bottom. The next panel will catch the dust and dirt, and you can dust it all off.

5Direction of Sunlight


The location of the window can affect the amount of sunlight it gets. And while both types of blinds can fend off sunlight, one is more effective than the other.

Vertical blinds work better when a window is facing either east or west, while horizontal blinds are perfect for windows that face the north or south direction.

Ultimately, it all depends on what type you like and what you think looks better in your house. After all, both blinds can significantly benefit your home.


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