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30 Holocaust Photos That Reveal Heartbreaking Tragedy You Don’t See In History Books

By Andrew Alpin, 8 April 2018


Although there have been significant genocides in history, Hitler’s inhuman extermination of the Jews goes down in history as the most cold blood ruthless and programmed one that was not fuelled by hatred and competition between races but for nefarious purposes of making a scapegoat of a community to give war-torn Germany a reason to divert their attention to a made up enemy. What made it even more chilling is the fact that unlike other genocides that resulted in sporadic killings and incidents, this was methodic and almost like a daily business. It was akin to slaughtering animals where belongings were neatly documented and sorted for usage in various purposes. And like lambs to the slaughter, Jews were systematically led to the gas chambers where from their origins of residence to death, it was an organized supply chain of sorts to ensure precision and quantity killing. Take a look at 25 holocaust photographs you don’t usually see in history books.

The arrival of Jewish inmates

The Nazis were so systematic that they made sure they huddled hundreds of Jews into bogeys of trains lying that they were simply being relocated. 

arrival of Jewish inmates

Image Source: www.uu.nl

1They even played music

What was most grisly about these pogroms was the eerie classical music played at stations to keep them calm. 

They even played music

Image Source: sverigesradio.se

2Waiting death


Can you imagine the grossness of it all where people wait in waiting rooms for a turn to acquire something? These are Jewish women and children selected for the gassing process waiting their turn. 

Waiting death

Image Source: ranker.com

3A common scene walking to die

This is typical of a sight in concentration camps where the elderly and children walked to their deaths.

common scene walking to die

Image Source: www.pinsdaddy.com

4Till death do us apart

Wedding rings collected from husband and wives who were gassed. Invariably it would have been more female rings as younger men were always selected for work. 

Wedding rings

Image Source: www.pinsdaddy.com

5The ghetto Jews


This is a famous photograph in the war museum taken of an unidentified boy raising his arms in front of German soldiers.

The ghetto Jews

Image Source: www.pinsdaddy.com


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