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15 Brilliant Tips to Help Your Loved One Lose Weight

By Andrew Alpin, 28 June 2018


6Prepare Healthy Well-Balanced Meals

Maintaining good health and a healthy body weight can only be possible with a well-balanced diet. This includes consuming a variety of healthy foods in the right proportions. It also means that you have to incorporate protein, dairy or dairy alternatives, starchy foods, unsaturated oils and spreads, and water, otherwise known as the “5-a-Day foods’’.

Prepare Healthy Well-Balanced Meals

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Include more proteins for your partner

Prepare a hunger-satisfying meal for your partner by including lean protein foods like lean meat, chicken/turkey breast, tofu, legumes, eggs, and seafood in it.


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7Get them to eat Fruits and veggies too


Make sure to always include enough of fruits and vegetables to each meal. Consuming fruits and vegetables will help in maintaining a healthy gut and supplying your body with antioxidants. Furthermore, they are both rich in vital nutrients while being low in calories which are good for losing weight.

Get them to eat Fruits and veggies too

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8Choose whole grains when preparing meals

Whole grains should be the staple choice when preparing meals. Brown rice, whole grain oats, quinoa and whole-wheat bread and pasta are excellent whole grain foods. These promote weight loss while supplying the body with fiber, protein and essential nutrients.

Choose whole grains when preparing meals

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9Spend time cooking together

It’s good to spend some quality time with your partner, and what better way to about it than by cooking healthy meals together. Cooking together will help deepen your bonds as well as get each other more into eating and living a healthy lifestyle. There is a lot to learn from this like how to mix different ingredients and what are the advantages of home-cooked meals. Changing your diet to suit your partner’s healthy choice of diet is a great way to support and motivate them to push on with their fitness goals.

Spend time cooking together

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10Get them to use smaller plates


Certain studies have implicated that using smaller plates makes you eat small proportions and feel satisfied with it. The psychology is such that in larger plates food seems lesser in proportion while the very same quantity in a smaller plate may seem like a large amount of food. Hence, you end up being satisfied with less without even realizing it. The best way to do this would be to move the large plates, cups, glasses and utensils to a secluded area in the kitchen and keep cabinets filled with the smaller plates and bowls instead.

Get them to use smaller plates

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