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Gym Addicts Decided to Eat Junk Food for a Week and This is What Happened to Their Bodies

By Jatin Sharma, 28 June 2018


We all love to gorge on processed foods and wish our life would be much better if we could live on pizza, burgers, steaks and food that is rich in calories, salt and sugars. We are fully aware of how damaging to our body these foods are, if taken regularly and in large quantities. But we chose to ignore the ill effects and continue to incorporate these processed junk in our diet.

Just to show how harmful to body and mind these processed foods can be, if taken in large quantities over a period of time, four gym addicts in Britain decided to take on the junk food challenge. They had to forego their gym based lifestyle that included eating right and in proper amounts and swap it with unhealthy junk food, eating whenever they wanted, whatever they wanted and in any quantity; all for a week.

The result on their bodies and mind was telling as each of them had their own story to tell after foregoing a healthy lifestyle for a guilt-ridden one. Here is the experience of four fit individuals who went on a junk food binge for a week and lived to tell the tale.

1Junk Food


Fast food or Junk Food is one of the unhealthiest eat dietary options out there in the world. This food is advertised to you and your kids in a very enticing way through TV and social media. Junk food is often highly tasty and addictive, but they come at a cost. Fast food affects everyone in a different way and there is no way to definitively say that it is the only offender harmfully affecting an unhealthful person’s way of life.

Junk Food

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2What does Junk Food consists of?


Junk Food usually consists of addictive substances and salt. It has harmful fats, huge number of calories and is full of sugar, just to make young children addicted to the junk food. Even one fast food meal may contain a full day’s worth of calories for one person. Now imagine a person living on a diet of junk food and consuming it for three full meals in a day.

What does Junk Food consists of?

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3Four gym addicts take up the Junk Food diet challenge


Fast food or junk food has long-lasting effects on overall health of a person. That happens for a normal person who tends to have fast food or junk food once in a while. Imagine what will happen if people who eat healthy food all their lives, decide to live off just junk food for a whole week?

This is something that happened when four gym addicts decided to let their healthy lifestyle go for a toss and gorge on junk food three times a day, for a whole week. David Templer, 27, of Tooting, London, Paige Modeste, 25, of Stevenage, and James Tilley, 25, and his partner Emma Taylor, 25, of Devizes, Wilts took the challenge and the amount of ill that happened to them was documented for all to see.

Four gym addicts take up the Junk Food diet challenge

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4James and his normal diet


For personal trainer by profession, James Tilley the challenge was like a nightmare revisited given that he was an overweight teenager weighing 17 stones. He worked hard on his body and now maintained a healthy weight of 10.5 stones.

His normal diet consisted of Protein Porridge, lime chicken with Quinoa for lunch and Chicken and veggie stir fry for dinner. He has chicken and protein bars for snacks and he followed his diet religiously. He said, “I was anxious heading into the challenge because I've been there before. I ate a diet packed with takeaways and fast food and after transforming myself, have no intention of ever going back to that place”

James and his normal diet

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5Which Junk Food diet he followed?


In his challenge, he ate Three cereal bars, a glass of milk, a glass of orange juice for breakfast. For lunch, he had Footlong Meatball Marinara Subway sandwich, double chocolate cookies. He munched on Goat's cheese pizza, 6 chicken nuggets, garlic bread for dinner. For snacks, he had double chocolate mint ice lollies, Crème Egg McFlurry, and custard cream biscuits.

Which Junk Food diet he followed?

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