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Grey's Anatomy Scrubs: What Are They and Are They Worth the Price?

By AK, 22 April 2020


Hardcore fans will go out of their way to scoop up apparel worn by the celebrities or featured in their favorite hit series. The same goes for the hit series Grey's Anatomy. Fans were raving about the wine glass used by lead star Meredith Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo.

The mania did not stop there. Fans also ordered Grey's anatomy scrubs to add to their collections despite the uniform not being streetwear. Since the show kicked off in 2006, these scrubs have been selling like hotcakes.

1Barco Uniform's contract with ABC


Barco Uniforms, the company that has been making these uniforms, was lucky to earn a cash cow contact with the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) way back in 2006. They were commissioned to make bespoke separates of the scrubs to be worn on the hit TV series. They were responsible for all the shades of scrubs worn by the casts in the well-loved Shonda Rhimes series.

Surprisingly, Grey's Anatomy fans were not the only group who were pleased with these scrubs. In fact, these scrubs are also popular among medical professionals. They were not even bothered with the tag bearing the series’ title on the pocket. Because of its four-way stretch fabric and moisture-wicking and soil release properties, these scrubs have won over the medical community.

Barco Uniform’s contract with ABC

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2Are they worth the price?


Most fans are not really concerned about the price of these scrubs because they are not comparing them with the other brands. Their primary objective is to add to their collection.

But, even if you disregard the brand's connection to the show, the product speaks for itself. Whether you are fashion-savvy or someone who is just looking for something durable and comfortable, Grey's anatomy scrubs are for you. If you are still unconvinced, here are a few reasons to help you make up your mind.

Comfortable to wear

According to those people who have tried wearing these scrubs, they are comfortable compared to other brands. Aside from being lightweight and breezy, they are also soft to the skin. If you are spending more than eight to twelve hours per shift at the hospital, a comfortable scrub is on top of your “needs” list.

Flattering to wear

These scrubs are also flattering to wear. They give off a classy, professional fitting for a nurse, doctor, or any healthcare personnel. They fit nicely because of the kind of fabric used. It also looks more stylish compared to other brands of scrubs.

Are they worth the price?

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As you have already seen in the show, these scrubs come in a plethora of prints and shades. You can go for royal blue, ceil blue, burgundy, and many more. With these scrubs on your locker, it is easy to find a patterned or solid uniform.

3Additional features


Aside from those features mentioned above, nurses love to wear Barco Uniform's scrubs because they are wrinkle-resistant. Even if you do not have time to iron it, your uniform will still look presentable and classy. These scrubs also have enough pockets for all the necessary gadgets and tools one should carry for their shift. The Impact Cargo, for example, has more than five pockets. If you use this with a scrub top, you will have more than ten pockets in just one scrub set. Lastly, the color of the fabric also does not fade quickly. So, no matter how many times you use and wash your uniform, it will remain in great color and condition.

With all these reasons provided, you may no longer need more persuading. So, if you are looking for your next scrub set, invest in Grey's anatomy scrubs!

Additional features

Image Source: www.barcouniforms.com


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