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Scary Photos of a Future Desert in Spain You Can Show Those Who Deny Climate Change

By Afsana Khatoon, 10 September 2017


Even as the debate of climate change hotly rages between the superpowers, what doesn’t seem to be in focus is the actual evidence of the effects of climate change in the interior areas of countries across the world. One large and alarming incident slowly unfolding as the worst effect of climate change in Spain is the gradual decline of the Tagus River which is drying up. The Targus River is the largest river in the Iberian peninsula and is split between Portugal; and Spain. Stretching for 1000 km across both countries, it empties into the Atlantic. But!! What was once a huge impressive river is now a trick ling stream in some places marked by cracked and dry river beds.

1Spain will turn into an arid desert by 2100


One particular Study published in Science October 2016, issued grave warnings how Spain would soon turn into an arid desert by 2100 because of climate change. The study also claimed that the region was being warmed by climate change by more than the set global average. 

future of spain

Image Source: www.wikimedia.org

2 Humans are contributing to the decline


It also mentioned that besides climate change, it was an irresponsible human activity that was contributing to the rapid decline of the river. This could well be a problem worldwide and not just in Spain. 

The drought in Spain

Image Source: www.cesyt.es

3Agriculture is contributing to deforestation


Lead researcher of the study Joel Guiot discussed in his study how humans are slowly devastating the area and will continue to do until they decide to change. Humans are also contributing to deforestation of the area. “You change the vegetation cover, the albedo, the humidity in the soil, and you will emphasize the drought when you do that,” he said. 

Tagus river Toledo

Image Source: www.paneuropeannetworks.com


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