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Forget About Other Remedies: Here’s How You Can Remove Warts and Skin Tags Permanently

By Andrew Alpin, 15 May


If you have warts or skin tags on your body, you may question how to get rid of them naturally. There is no harm in leaving warts and skin tags on your body. However, you can easily remove them if you find them annoying or unappealing. There are many ways to remove warts and skin tags using the same methods, even if they are not the same thing. These prevalent skin conditions impact a large number of people. Snaking or bumping your skin tag might be uncomfortable even though they are harmless. Warts and skin tags can be permanently removed using natural therapies.

It goes without saying that you should always seek medical advice before attempting to solve a medical problem yourself. You should always look for certain skin diseases, even if they aren’t easy to spot. So, first, consult a dermatologist to rule out if the warts or skin tags on your body are harmless or are the symptoms of some serious underlying medical condition.

Once you clearly know if your wart or skin tags are harmless, then you can use these natural and effective treatments to remove them.

1 Apply Fig Juice

You’ll only need a few drops of fresh fig juice for this home remedy. Antioxidants and antiviral capabilities abound in fig juice. In addition, this aids in replenishing the skin, removing imperfections, and preventing the spread of any viruses that may be present and which could infect the area. In addition, it is beneficial to eradicate them permanently because it prevents the underlying problem from reoccurring.

Put some on the wart or skin tag, and then wait for it to dry and seep into the skin. After doing this three times a day for two weeks, you’ll see results.

Apply Fig Juice

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2 Pour an Aspirin Mixture over warts and skin tags

Make a paste out of 4 aspirin tablets and water. You just need to add a few water droplets to do and not too much. Apply this mixture to a wart or a skin tag, and cover it with a band-aid. Leave it on overnight for it to start taking effect. Aspirin contains salicylic acid, which can swiftly and safely cure skin conditions.

Pour an Aspirin Mixture over warts and skin tags

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3 Apply Propolis


Propolis can also boost your immune system as it works to remove the skin tag or wart. It will help keep harmful bacteria from seeping inside. A few drops of 50% propolis tincture- which you can buy in most pharmacies, are needed for this procedure besides cotton balls and band-aids. Once you have all the necessary items, it’s time to apply the propolis to warts or skin tags. After applying propolis, place the cotton ball on top of it and cover it with the band-aid. To make this treatment more effective, repeat this twice daily.

Apply Propolis

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