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Five Exercises after Forty to Prevent Disease and Keep Fit and Healthy

By Andrew Alpin, 14 June 2017


After reaching 40, life takes a different turn in terms of health, but it doesn’t mean that you will now be unhealthy. Healthy physical activity even after 40 can raise life expectancy to a considerable extent. Exercise is the key to being healthy after 40. Moreover, you need to perform the correct exercises suited to prevent diseases that can strike after 40. These five exercises after forty should be done every week for being in the prime of health after forty.

1 Prevent Heart Disease

Cardiovascular workouts thrice a week will prevent the risk of heart problems and improve cardiovascular health. Heart pumping exercises like dancing, running, rowing, and swimming are great workouts for your heart. For maximum benefit from cardio, you need to exercise 80% of your maximum heart rate for 30 minutes, thrice a week.

Always work up a sweat when doing cardio because that’s the best way to maintain healthy organs and reach your fitness and health goals. However, it is important to note that long hours of cardio are not advisable for those over forty. Long distance running or intense cardio for long periods can break down tissue and even decrease immunity. Just 30 minutes thrice ea week is adequate.

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2 Prevent osteoporosis

High impact weight bearing exercise twice a week will build bone strength and prevent osteoporosis and the risk of fractures. Activity like dancing, jumping jacks and racquet sports, and light jogging can strengthen your skeletal system for strong bones. Recent studies have proved that racquet sports are the best sporting activity that gives one a complete workout and is the best exercise to help [people love longer.

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