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14 First Date Conversation Tips that Won’t Make you Seem Weird

By Bincy Joseph, 18 May 2018


10Don’t boast

Oh! I have been there you know! I have done this! I have done that! I will do this! I will buy that! Nobody in the world can stop me! Oh please shut up for a moment can be the next thought that can creep on the person’s mind sitting at the other end. So cut such sort of a crap and behave like a normal person out for a date and not someone out for bragging and congratulating yourself for your own success stories.

Proud man

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11Be specific about your compliments

Oh! Sweety! You look so beautiful! Yes, this is a compliment for sure and may impress your girl. But what about “I really love those dimples when you are showing off your smiling curve! Wish could have paused this moment and admired you forever” Isn’t it more romantic and specific? Such specific compliments can be a turn on factor for the pretty ladies and may make them feel special and on cloud nine.

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12A bit of ex-talk is okay, but too much can be a mood spoiler


If finally, you are shot with a question about your ex then don’t run away from it, answer it in the best possible way. But try to keep this past relationship talks to a minimum and make sure that you are not stinging your partner with your questions about their previous girlfriend or boyfriend. Breakups are not easy, and you would probably not want to turn your date into an emotional and crybaby one right?

Question about ex

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13Be modest and honest but don’t lower your esteem

Honesty and modesty symbolize the start of a good relationship, but it doesn’t mean that you have to consider yourself as downtrodden. Things work out in steps, and you don’t have to take a mike and tell all your shortcomings and weakness in one go on the very first date. Let things work out and then open out all your flaws so that your partner gets time to understand you.


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14Politics and religion-keep it away

The prime minister is in no ways coming to intervene in your case if you spoil your date. So why to bring all this in between? Yes, you do need conversation topics, we understand, but this doesn’t mean that you are going to get into matters of religion and politics. Stop it! Man, keep your beliefs and political opinions to yourself rather than creating your dating place as a parliament house.

Political question on first date

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