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14 First Date Conversation Tips that Won’t Make you Seem Weird

By Bincy Joseph, 18 May 2018


5Ask them about any of their recent trips

To start with the questionnaire, you can always start with the sweet memories that the person on the other side of the table has recently been to. Vacations are always exciting and memorable, and there may be a lot that the person can share about their last rocking trip. If you probably hear a “no” I haven’t been for a tour! Then be ready to shoot out your own experience of the island trip you went bonkers.

Trip to Iceland

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6Talk about passion

Men and women can let out their hearts when they go deep diving into the sea of their passion and desires. So why not hit it right? You can also start off by asking about their passion and take the conversation to a right track. If you have a chirpy partner sitting in front of you, then be pretty sure that you have to be patient and listen to every bit as an answer to the question that you just triggered.

Talk about passion

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7Quit the short talks


Hi! Hello! How are you? All this seems good only up until the first few minutes, continuing up with how did you reach here? How is the weather? Such prototype questions and talks can be annoying and boring as well. So quit the short conversations and aim for big ones that can go on and on and let you have a gala good time with your partner for the night.

What to do on first date

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8Take things easy and do not get serious all the time

Many times first dates don’t work out because people seem to be serious and nervous on the first date. Leave this seriousness constraint for your next exam when you get your mom shouting at you to focus on studies. Be calm and cool and let things go with the flow without feeling the awkwardness in your nerves. Live the moment and chill as the day and your partners is all yours.

First date seriousness

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9No salary Questions, please!

It is okay to ask about the job, job profile and company but Salary! Give me a break, please. Never try to jump into your partner’s salary slip on the first date, it may give an impression that you are eyeing on their money. So keep things simple and don’t get into materialistic conversations, it’s like okay show me your bank account darling, then I’ll decide to be with you or not.

Showing Wallet with Money

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