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14 First Date Conversation Tips that Won’t Make you Seem Weird

By Bincy Joseph, 18 May 2018


Going for a date? My Gosh! What I’m going to wear? What I’m going to talk? These are few obvious questions that are going to hit your mind a night before. Going for a first date may haunt you in your nightmares and make you toss and turn on your bed thinking as to what are you going to talk with your partner the next day. Easy and straightforward conversations are best to start with, but it is not easy when you actually face your partner in one of the most romantic places for the first time. Some behave weird and end up in spoiling the show. Conversation starters can be like how are you? But then? A big pause, right? First date conversation is not only about what you are going to talk and what you are going to exchange, but it is also about your behaviour and attributes that you are going to adhere to when you are out for a date. So continue reading to get ideas about how you have to behave and what you can ask to avoid getting into situations that may make you feel weird.

1Break the ice


At times it may be possible that the boy is shying off so don’t always wait for the boy to start off with the talks. Dating is fun and not a time to sit and stare as to who is going to start first this time. Being a woman of the twenty-first century, you can also take your stand and start some conversation to make things easy for your first date.

Shy couple on first date

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2Nervousness means nervousness - Admit it!


It is normal to be nervous on your first date, trust me! It is not a sin that you are committing. So it’s better that you admit that you are nervous rather than behaving weird and spoiling your date. Don’t hit around the bushes and feel the pressure cooker whistle on your head. Go ahead and speak up for yourself to let your partner know what is precisely going behind the scenes.

First date nervousness

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3Don’t be a desperate


Girls are very soft hearted and like things to work out smoothly. So don’t be a despo and don’t rush out asking for the next date or a proposal. Eventually, this will end up with the women saying hang on man! Take a chill pill! So go smooth and do not try of saying zoom and running to the next level. Things are good when it goes step by step so have the patience and let things fall into place.

Going fast on first date

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4Bye! Bye! Mr. Tring Tring


When you are out on a date with your partner to, it should be just the two of you and no one else, not even your phone. So put that Tring-Tring and Beep-Beep box in your purse or pockets and tell it to be silent just to avoid any of those weird and frustrated looks from your partner.

Using phone on first date

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