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Facts about Tonsil Stones, What Are They and Should You Be Worried About Them?

By Andrew Alpin, 11 June 2018


There are quite a number of people who may have suffered tonsil infections as kids. Some may have also had them surgically removed which is a fairly common operation. But did you know that there are other types of tonsil problems which many don’t even know about and those are tonsil stones?

1What are tonsil stones?


Well!! You may have heard of gallstones, kidney stones but tonsil stones also exist. Tonsils are those little pieces of tissue at the back of your throat. Their job is to provide assistance to your immune system protecting you from germs entering your throat.

What are tonsil stones?

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2How do the tonsils work?


The tonsils trap bacteria entering the body through your mouth and moving to your throat. Healthy tonsils do much to protect you from some serious bad bacteria that may cause severe throat infections. Your tonsils are also responsible for your health.

How do the tonsils work?

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3How do tonsils get infected?


Although your tonsils can keep you healthy, they sometimes get infected with the very same bacteria when the load is too much. Tonsils actually consist of lymphocyte tissue which is the infection fighter of the body. The tonsil is made up of a spongy texture which according to doctors can also be a breeding ground for tonsil stones. The condition is called tonsilloliths where little hard growths start appearing on the tonsils.

How do tonsils get infected?

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4How they appear


On the surface texture of the tonsils, there are several dips and crevices which tend to trap food and mucus. This then attracts bacteria that get entrenched in it. The continuous formation of such occurrence causes the formation of a hard ball called a tonsil stone. In effect, it is a consequence of your body’s protection from the bacteria. Thus in trying to protect your body from food mixed with bacteria, your tonsils form these little-calcified globs.

How they appear

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5Who is at risk for tonsil stones?


Those who frequently get tonsil infections or tonsillitis are at higher risk of getting tonsil stones. Even those with enlarged tonsils without infections develop them easily. Some tonsil stones are too tiny to be noticed but they do cause symptoms which are all mentioned below. Moreover, if you face any of these symptoms, see a doctor.

Who is at risk for tonsil stones?

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