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These 10 Extremely Dangerous Things were So Normal In the Past

By Nenad Dojcinovski, 30 October 2017


3Outdoor baby cages

The best way to provide your kid with the necessary and daily fresh air is of course by building an outdoor baby cage. These cages were a common thing among British families in the 1930s. They might seem crazy now, but they were probably a much-needed family friendly innovation that people were looking forward to. While mothers were busy with household duties, their babies were locked in a cage so they could breathe fresh air. 

Outdoor baby cages in the past

Image Source: www.h-cdn.co

4Radioactive toys

In a time when smoking was considered healthy and even recommended by Doctors, radiation wasn’t even understood enough to be labeled as life threating emission of energy. But that’s not the shocking part at all. But the fact that you could’ve easily bought "atomic" toys as the mini-laboratory in the picture below is mind-blowing. These toys included real uranium and polonium in small quantities. 

Radioactive toys in past

Image Source: www.lolwot.com

5Smoking during pregnancy


Everyone knows smoking is bad for you and the people around you. Warning signs and awful images are all over cigarettes boxes these days. But this wasn’t always the case since 70 years ago smoking wasn’t considered harmful. Companies had the freedom to advertise cigarettes on TV, newspapers, and billboards without a problem. But the most shocking part of “the good old days’ is the fact that doctors were recommending pregnant to smoke in order to get rid of constipation. 

Smoking during pregnancy

Image Source: www.licdn.com

6Body parts collection

And yes, we’re talking about human body parts. Just the idea of collecting body parts even from an animal is making us sick. Only insane people will treat the hobby of collection human body parts as something normal. But not so long ago, taking your enemy’s skull back home as a souvenir wasn’t weird. In the picture below, we can see an American sailor looking proud for collecting the skull of a Japanese soldier. 

Body parts collection

Image Source: www.wikimedia.org


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