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These 10 Extremely Dangerous Things were So Normal In the Past

By Nenad Dojcinovski, 30 October 2017


If you think the World is a crazy place now, get prepared to have your mind blown. Because the past was way crazier compared to the present we currently live in. Yes, no one could’ve imagined that Trump will end up leading the stronger country in the world. But that’s not as shocking as it seems since people often use emotion rather than logic to make important decisions.

However, the word cocaine is directly associated with crime, ghettos, jails, and mafia these days. But it was totally legal 100 years ago, and people even used it as medicine to heal coughs and toothache.

1Sending kids through the mail


The idea of sending kids through the mail is insane, but it was a reality at some point. Around the beginning of the 20th century, Americans had the option to send kids through the mail. But it wasn’t as bad as it seems. As you can notice by the picture below, the kids were sent through a…let’s say a decent and comfortable way. The whole idea of sending kids, people or even animals through mail sounds far from comfortable. But yes, people did send kids through the mail for the cost of 15 cents! 

sending kids through the mail

Image Source: www.ppcorn.com

2Cocaine treatment


Cocaine is now one of the most harmful drugs in the world. However, people didn’t treat cocaine as harmful substance around 100 years ago. Which means that people could easily buy cocaine in drugstores, and of course without a prescription. Cocaine was used to heal a toothache and coughs. 

Cocaine treatment

Image Source: www.steponerehab.com


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